Barnaby Jack, a researcher from the company IOActive, demonstrated a way to remotely hack a pacemaker implanted to kill the patient. At the last conference in Melbourne, Barnaby Jack said that the vulnerability in the software enables the medical staff to get control of it, and send a team, as a result of which will hit the current voltage of 830 volts.

hack a pacemaker

To hack a pacemaker remotely, KILLER must be located within 15 meters of the victim. Signal to the implant can be sent from an ordinary laptop, which Barnaby Jack demonstrated by a video presentation at the conference. According to experts, the problem is the poor training of programmers who develop software for these devices: they do not pay enough attention to security. The researchers noted that, before the wireless control systems pacemakers and similar medical devices for vulnerabilities almost did not pay attention.

Barnaby Jack

Barnaby Jack

Barnaby Jack said that by connecting to a pacemaker with a special command, you can get the serial number and model number, reprogram the firmware and then make the necessary changes to the software.

The expert pointed to the fact that both the transmitter and the implants can use the encryption algorithm AES, but not in use. In addition, there are other vulnerabilities.

One can only wonder how Jack would react to the discovery of device manufacturers and patients.