If you’re a techie type who also enjoys gambling and particularly sports gambling – then there’s a great way of taking things up to a whole new level with the Bettrader betting and trading platform.


This will really appeal to lovers of data and statistics who want to put those stats and data to good use in their gambling activity.

It’s particularly good for sports where stats can help unlock the door for successful trading patterns and where there is a huge market on the exchanges – like with horse racing, and football from major leagues etc.

Of course it’s important to remember before you take the first step that any such system is only as good as the data it receives and the decisions of the person inputting to the system. This is a polite way of saying you may still lose money at gambling despite investing in the platform.

But what you can most certainly be sure of is that you’re approaching the task in a far more sophisticated way than if you weren’t using the system.

So perhaps its most important key features are that you can enjoy a seven-day free trial – and, perhaps more to the point, you can trial the system using the built-in training mode. This, in turn, means you can learn to use any system you put together to trade and trial it etc., without the risk of losing any money. And the harder you work and the better your system – the more chance you stand of long-term success.

So the training feature is vital and it’s probably best not to use the platform for real cash until you’ve convinced yourself that you stand at least a reasonable degree of success and that you’re able to implement an efficient stop-loss system if you’re ever tempted to gamble more than you can comfortably afford to lose.