Any good website is based on a plan that is based on the need of the audience. But, prior to creating these sites there are three important tools of web designing that you need to consider. The first important tool is content that is effective to attract the readers to your website and generate traffic. If you are wondering, why content is termed as tool then first you need to understand the role that is played by it in creating impact among the readers. So prior to designing process, you need to analyze the content first as the message that you intend to cater to the readers.

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Determine your content

It is important to determine the content first and then decide how you will express the same. This is important because it has an impact on the layout of the web page. You need to allocate appropriate space for the content and place it as per the importance of the content. So you need to divide the content that needs to be places first and the one that you will place next to it. It is advisable to prepare the content prior to the designing process as it will ease various difficulties that you might face while placing the content and also facilitates in optimizing the keyword and phrases for SEO.

Use of wireframe

Another important tool of web designing is the use of wireframes. This helps in creating a blueprint for landing page, subpage or homepage. This is effective in providing the designer with am insight regarding the spatial arrangement of the contents and the other elements that are used in the site. This white and black layout outlines the size and the placement of the different elements of designing. Often designers resort to site maps while designing a site, but if you transfer the map to the wireframe, you can get a more realistic view.

Determine the architecture of the website

A host of advantage is attached to the use of the wire frames. With this wireframe, designers can communicate with their clients regarding features that will be displayed on the site. A wireframe can also help you to identify the lacunas of architecture that are the base of the website. You can also save on time and money with the use of the wireframe. If you skip wireframe then there will be a delay in the feedback process from the client and boosts the cost of undertaking the necessary changes in the layout.

Importance of mood board

Mood board is another traditional tool that you need to use for creating a website. It is also referred as the style guide that can help the designers to organize the concepts by utilizing the creative genius and various ideas. The mood board also refers to the wide array of graphics that are used to set the mood and tone for the website. Elements that are included in the same are imagery, color, style, layout and the typography. Often these elements are lifted from different sources and placed to have an insight as how the site might look after completion of the designing process.

Effective use of mood boards

Mood boards are effective in a number of ways. With the help of these boards, you can have control over the different designing aspects. Of the mock-ups for designing turns out to be expensive in nature and often few are discarded, but with the mood boards, you can make this process less time consuming and inexpensive. Often the clients emphasize on the design rather that content, with the use of this there can be a shift in the attitude of the clients. It has been observed that with the introduction of the mood board there has been a major shift in the arena of web designing.

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