The majority of users worldwide are now very much carrying a piece of portable device with us everywhere we go. It could be a tablet, a phablet, a smartphone and we use definitely can’t live without it. With such high dependency on portable devices, it is about time we have a good software that is able to perform flash drive recovery as well as to recover deleted files from sd card.


With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, you can do just that. Imagine all your family vacation photos taken from your favorite digital camera or all the important documents that you store in your flash drive as well as the video and audio files on your smartphone suddenly went missing. Or the device itself decided to die on you and all the files that are precious to you are gone. But with the data recovery software, you can easily recover deleted files from sd card either from your smartphone or your digital camera.

The most common reason for the problem is due to accidental deletion, formatting, a software crash, drive damage, a virus attack or even partition loss. All it takes are three simple steps and you are just a few clicks away from a full flash drive recovery which shouldn’t take long.

There are 3 recovery modes to begin with where the first one is Deleted File Recovery. Normally it is associated with human error for example you accidentally pressed the delete button or pressing the Shift and Delete button without backing up the file or sometimes you emptied the Recycle Bin wrongly.

This is handy especially when you just came back from a vacation and are loading up the sd card from your digital camera and syncing it up with your desktop or laptop. Any of the above can happen when you’re browsing the numerous files and folders on the sd card and accidentally did any of the above. That’s when the data recovery software is able to recover deleted files from sd card.

Or if you’re always carrying around with you your favorite flash drive that contains work documents from your office and to be transferred at home where you can resume working where you left off. What if suddenly the flash drive cannot be accessed due to whatever reasons? This is where EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is able to perform a flash drive recovery so you’ll be up and running in no time.

The second recovery mode is Complete Recovery for example your desktop suddenly powers itself down due to a power outage or a sudden shutdown which occurs while the writing process on your sd card is still taking place or you improperly pull out the SD card which might cause some files to be corrupted.

The third and final recovery mode is Partition Recovery where you may have accidentally deleted a partition or a partition suddenly becomes lost or be hidden from view due to a disk crash or a virus attack on your hard drive.

You can count on EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free to help you out with a flash drive recovery or simply to recover deleted files from sd card of your favorite digital camera or smartphone.