The first modern-style drones can be traced all the way back to the 1980s. They were produced by Israeli engineers before being adapted by the U.S later on. The resulting tools were used more and more over the years as scientists around the globe began to improve and advance the technological aspects of drones. Eventually, what was once exclusively thought of as military technology found itself finding civilian uses. It was around the early 2000s where drone-building culture started growing into the massive following it has become today. Although, back then the technologies cost meant that only dedicated hobbyists could actively pursue the craft.


One of the best aspects of the constant forward march of technology is the fact that what was once practically unaffordable one day becomes much less costly. Drones are now found in stores around the country at much more affordable prices. This means that their usefulness is now being fully explored by all kinds of businesses. Drone technology is advancing faster than ever, and for good reason. These tools have all kinds of uses, which only grow more impressive as their limits continue to be pushed.

Photos and Videos From Above

Drones are immediately cast as incredibly useful tools for the vantage points they give photographers and videographers. Picture from the sky was once near-impossible, and then incredibly difficult, and now possible with the simple press of a few buttons. This evolution of technology is the result of years worth of developing and honing the camera’s mechanisms. The small tool is now able to take clear and precise videos and photos hundreds of feet in the air. This is an invaluable asset for plenty of businesses that require the use of photography.

The use of airborne photos is not specifically used by any one business or field, it has plenty of applications across the board for so many types of jobs. Take for example the uses it has in the real estate business and the agents who sell homes. Putting a home online is not as effective without photos and video detailing what the home looks like and its various aspects. An agent is able to record what the inside of a home looks like and the state of its different rooms, but they can show even more with an aerial view. Landscapers, architects, and even first responders can all find uses for an aerial eye-in-the-sky. Especially considering how safe drones are compared to previous methods of photography from the air.

A Better Method of Photography

The benefits of drone photography and videography go beyond simply having a more interesting vantage point to take photos. They have more important uses due to their ability to look over an area without putting any rescuers in danger. This is an incredibly helpful advancement that can save lives during situations that require the police or firefighters to risk their lives. Rather than have someone risk their lives to look into an area, a drone can easily do the job much more quickly. Since the technology is advancing as well, that means that the usefulness of drones continues to grow as drone camera technology continues to become more complex.

Advancing Technology

Every part of the drone is being upgraded over time so that the latest model is able to offer better functionality at lower prices. This means that the drones themselves are becoming advanced enough to provide advantages never seen before in some fields. Take firefighting for instance, and a drones’ ability to provide a full aerial view of any fire. They are not simply flying around providing footage of the flame, their cameras may also be equipped with a variety of modifications. The drones may provide first responders with thermal imaging or the gas sensors could pick up leaks unseen by the naked eye.

The average person can also see plenty of benefits from the advancing technology for drones. As the advancements continue, drones become easier to use and much more capable. The signal coming from the remotes is strengthened, meaning that your drone can fly for hundreds of feet before losing signal. The batteries on the drone are fully rechargeable, with the batteries able to hold more charge over time. Small advancements like these may only seem arbitrarily useful, but they make a difference in the long run. The easier a drone is to use, the more often it is used in industries like marketing.

Marketing Uses

First and foremost, drones are tools that have allowed people to take photos and videos at only a fraction of the cost they used to be. An aerial shot that once required cranes or helicopters now only need a drone and someone to fly it. This means that aerial shots that were once reserved for bigger real estate firms or organizations are now accessible to anyone with a need for them and the money for a drone. Since drones are becoming easier to use, marketers can even control them through their smartphones and have the photos they need within hours. That means that drones are not only more effective, but they, in turn, make marketing efforts more efficient and expedient.

Videography with drones is also evolving beyond the idea that they may only act as flying cameras. The drones themselves are advancing enough to a point where they can act as a huge boon to marketing efforts themselves. The tools are capable of being modified to dazzle and entertain as they fly around. They may even act as the center of a marketing campaign while at the same time recording people’s reactions to their arrival. Drones are active and if used correctly create an advertising opportunity to have any marketing campaign reach out further than ever.

Drones are tools that become more useful and easy to use as time passes by, every advancement increases their capabilities. The machines are raising photography and videography standards so that no angle is too difficult and no subject is too far.