DroidVPN for Android is now updated to version v.1.8.6 from v.1.8.5b. The main feature added to the new version is TCP port and option to select random or manual server location.

With older version of this app there was no option to select TCP port other than UDP and ICMP port. New version will allow user to select TCP port with this feature user can add their own proxy settings  (in case connection requires a proxy or firewall only allows TCP connections), and option to select server location manually. Updated app also allow Android user to set custom headers(eg: Host: allowthissite.com)

DroidVPN is free vpn client for Android devices allow user to browse the internet  with encryption and Unblocks websites restricted on network.

What’s new in this version:

  1. A beta version of TCP protocol is added. (More options for TCP will be added soon.)
  2. Added a random server selection.
  3. More bug fixes and optimizations.
  4. The 1 tap connect widget is now available!
  5. A new option to use external busybox is added.
  6. Overall size of the application is now smaller.
  7. Updated the old version of BusyBox.
  8. Fixed the bug when device is turned off while DroidVPN is still running.

Updated DroidVPN  v.1.8.6 is available to Download from Google Play Store.