The very popular Adblock plugin for Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari browsers to block unwanted ads from web page is now available to download for Android on Google Play Store free of cost.

adblock plus for android

Most likely, many users are aware of Adblock extension already vailable for the “desktop” of Firefox and Chrome. With it you can quickly and easily remove the flash banner, block pop-ups, etc.

adblock plus

Unfortunately, the mobile version of Adblock Plus has some significant limitations . In particular only root users may get full advantage of this app, Non rooted Android users can use this app only when they connected via Wi-Fi and only on Android OS 3.1 and higher.

Those who “rooted” their device will have more room to maneuver. They can block ads in the default browser and Chrome. Firefox users may need to install additional plugin along with AdBlock Plus.

Download AdBlock Plus for Android from Google Play Store