If there’s one story that’s dominated CES 2014, then it was the arrival of 4K as not only a concept, but a reality. LG, Sony, Samsung and Vizio all came to the party brandishing Ultra HD sets, and Netflix stepped up to provide them with content, promising to bring Season 2 of House of Cards as well as all original content going forward in the pixel dense format.

3dcinema (800)With that in mind, we’ve prepared what we think is the essential equipment you’ll need to be on the cutting edge of home cinema this year.

The Television: Sony X9

It’s unusual to see a TV without a 14 digit code name, and even more unusual to see it coming from Sony, but that’s exactly the case with the Sony X9, Sony’s first crack at making a UHD television. It’s a 55” behemoth, packing 3D, Smart features and a full 3840 x 2160 resolution. Frankly, it’s a corker, and it should be for its £6000 list price (though it can be found for less than that), still, if you’re looking to build the ultimate home cinema set up, this is the place to start. Alternatively, if you’re really looking to break the bank wide open, the LG84LM960V is a £15000, 85” monstrosity, one that could do some serious damage to your wallet, or your wall, if you decide to hang it.

The Sound System: B&W MT60D 5.1 Speaker Package, Yamaha RXA3030 w/ Airplay

The cinema experience is all about the sound, countless huge speakers arranged around the room complement the big screen experience perfectly. Sadly, most of us lack the gigantic space in which to house those speakers.

Thankfully, there are plenty of speaker packages that can fit inside any home, and that’s exactly what B&W’s MT60D is. Though the speakers themselves are small, they pack a mighty punch, filling your room with fantastic 5.1 sound. What Hi-Fi saw fit to grace them with a five star review, and we’d be inclined to agree with their judgement. Speaking of five star reviews, Yamaha’s RXA3030 AV receiver is a fantastic, award winning receiver that handles even complicated sounds like explosions or gunfire with aplomb. Combine the two with some high quality cable (we like Chord Carnival’s Silverscreen) and you’re on to a winner. For those of us without room for a full speaker set up though we’re big fans of Superfi’s Orbitsound SB60 Soundbar, which offers room filling, 5.1-like sound without all the hassle of multiple speaker set ups.

Whatever the room, there’s plenty of choice when It comes to home cinema systems from Superfi.

Everything else:

Living the ultimate home cinema dream isn’t all about the audio visual angle, no, it’s more than that. If you’re really looking to blow your friends away, consider investing in your own popcorn machine, or even a row of cinema style seating to get everyone in the mood. Either way, with the gear we’ve laid out above, you’ll struggle not to be the toast of the town.