The company Corning introduced a new ultra-thin glass called Willow Glass “Glass willow”, glass thickness is just 100 m. Glass has unprecedented flexibility and is designed primarily for LCD-and OLED- displays.

Willow Glass

Because of ultra thin and flexible nature of this glass, the devices made with Willow Glass, could be lighter and more flexible . It also means that the design of phones and tablets will no longer be limited by their shapes.

It should be noted that the thickness of the glass is almost like paper, it, it is also very durable. Another unique important feature of this glass is the ability to withstand temperatures up to 500 ° C. 

The company claims that the first Willow Glass will appear in smartphones, Also it will be used in the manufacturing of thin sized solar cells and other lighting equipment . Other than smartphone and tablet display made with Willow Glass, company claims Glass can be also used for manufacturing flexible solar panel.