How many of you prefer to listen the content rather reading? Imagine you are working out in the gym or roaming around, instead of listening music don’t you want to go through your daily newspaper or your favorite website that keeps you updated with the latest happening around the world? Or what about listening to very long article you bookmarked a long time ago and never read it because of a busy schedule?  Now without even sneaking into your Smartphone or tablet you can enjoy all those things which you always avoided to read. An Australian startup SoundGecko recently comes with a new innovative web app that converts text from any web pages into downloadable .mp3 files. The service described as text-to-audio is not only free but also very simple to use, What’s more – it is available free without registration and possible to use with different platform such as iPhone app,  and online web interface.

How to use SoundGecko and convert text to mp3


The unique thing about SoundGecko, is the ease of use. Simply copy and paste a URL link of any web page or article link into the box appeared on the SoundGecko home page along with your Email address and click “Get MP3”. Within just a couple of minutes you will receive an email containing the downloadable link of text printed on a web page, you are free to download the mp3 file from the link and listen to it anytime on other devices. For those who register on the site can directly upload converted mp3 file to their Google Drive or Dropbox account.


 SoundGecko also offers an iPhone app and a Chrome extension with text-to-speech conversion is even easier.


How to configure SoundGecko to Google Drive or DropBox

To link your SoundGecko account with Google Drive or Dropbox cloud services, log in to SoundGecko account and click on setting tab from the upper menu, in Account settings click preferences tab and head over to Cloud Drive integration option menu at bottom of page, now as per your choice you can configure Google Drive or DropBox account in one click. At any time you can unlink from linked cloud services.

With the Chrome extension registered user do not need to input Email id and web page URL into homepage to convert it into mp3 file. After successful conversion of the page, mp3 file automatically uploaded into your connected cloud service.

Conclusion: Unlike some other text-to-speech/mp3 conversion services that restrict user with a limited word count, SoundGecko offers unlimited conversion without counting the words. The concept of converting text from web pages and online articles to MP3 files certainly has a great future, however currently text-to-mp3 conversion is limited to English language only. The company also plans to add support for RSS feeds to mp3 in the near future.

SoundGecko on web –

SoundGecko Chrome Extension

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