Imagine the situation: you conveniently collapsed in your chair having cup of coffee, and at the background your favorite music is playing. But now you want to skip the boring track or pause the song for time being. What you do in this case? If you did not have Apple Remote  or with Windows Os –  you have to reach for the keyboard or mouse to stop or skip the song. Remember all those times you had to pause your music but had to find the right window to stop it?

What if you don’t have to reach out to your computer to control the music? Now you can able to control your music with gestures of your hand.  A new program called Flutter is now available for Windows and Mac which allows you to start and stop your music from windows media player or with Mac with simple hand gesture. Its like physical wireless remote control.

Currently Flutter only allows you to stop or pause music playing in background. To stop or pause the music you just have raise your hand in front of your computer or laptop which has webcam. Company also planning to bring more features to this app such as Gestures for Skip & Like Songs, Mute and Volume Control.

How to control music with hand gestures? Control music with webcam:

Control music with webcam

How does Flutter really works?

What works and what not:

Flutter works really great and do what it says, but as app works on working webcam you can only run this app if you have webcam in your system. It is also not possible to control the music when you are using the webcam with Skype or video calling. Your webcam always stay on even when you are not listening to music, however you can turn it off from Flutter menu option. App now works with Windows Media Player and Winamp with Windows Os, and iTunes, spotify, Quicktime, & VLC on Mac. In future company will add more services like YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, and Hulu Support.

Watch the video below how you can control your music with Flutter :

Download Flutter for Windows or Mac