All the smartphone gaming enthusiasts across the world know about the mania Angry Birds has created in last couple of years. There have been many versions of the game that Rovio rolled out over past 2 years, and surprisingly every new release has almost outsmarted the older version of the game. The latest one to join the series is “Bad Piggies”, which also became the quickest selling game in the history of the company. It hit the number one spot in App Store just within few hours of its launch. You might be an Angry Bird fan but you might not be acquainted to the entire universe of the game. So, we’ve listed out the Angry Bird games that the company has released so far and we compare to see what makes one better than the others. Additionally, you can also play Angry Birds online on PC for free as well.

The first in the series released back in December, 2009 and the latest one being “Bad Piggies” released on Sept 27th, 2012. This list and analysis is just about the official games in the Angry Birds series and does not include the millions of merchandise and a TV show or a possible movie.

Angry Birds:

Rovio released the original Angry Birds back on Dec 11, 2009 and since then many paid and free versions have released on different app stores. In this game the players take slingshots and aim the pigs that are hiding against different shelters. The aim is to destroy all the pigs to cross to the next level.

Angry Birds Seasons:

This special edition of the famous game was released in Oct 2010 with the bad pigs coming back with Irish looks and leprechaun hats. The graphics is full of pots of gold and four leaf clovers and the Irish tunes playing at the background give you a clear feeling of the fact that you are playing something totally different.

Angry Birds Magic:

This was a special release only for Nokia NFC smartphones and was also released in Oct 2010. If two players with NFC smartphones came close to each other then newer levels in the game would unlock. Since it was a limited edition game, it did not quite get all the moolah people expected from it.

angry bird games

Angry Birds Rio:

Rovio released Rio in March 2011 and the game got better than ever before. The graphics was outstanding, in fact the older versions were no match to this one; having said that the game essentially remained the same. With parallax scrolling and more objects to collect, Angry Birds Rio became the most intriguing one of the series.

Angry Birds Space:

The gravity-based concept made Angry Birds Space an instant hit. Here the birds are tossed off from the planets and they reach the higher levels of space. There were both free and HD versions of these games. The HD version is recommended if you love graphics in your games.

Bad Piggies:

This happens to be the latest one from the house of Rovio and was released on Sept 27, 2012. This once again is a big hit with the smartphone users and what makes it extremely interesting is this time the game is all round the pigs. The pigs build vehicles and make maps to reach the location of the eggs laid by the birds. Many more updates on this one are likely to come in coming days.

Rovio made sure that it capitalized on the initial success it had, with the game during early 2011, and since then the Finnish company has successfully built a big universe around Angry Birds.