When it comes to phones we all want one for various reasons. The days of just ringing and texting friends has long gone, the smartphone is now a multi-functional device, from sourcing news, to watching television to video calling, there are so many options and ways to benefit from a smartphone. Given the range of uses it begs the question is it worth trying to find a bargain from China if the product is not good enough. Does the buy cheap, buy twice saying still apply?

There is not a definitive yes or no answer and a lot will depend on what you want from the phone. For sure, if it was just ringing, texting and sending the odd email that you wanted, then why waste your money on the latest Samsung or Apple product that is out. For simplicity, there are many phones at a reasonable price that will fill the needs of the user, the issues come when you want to do more advanced things. For instance, a lot of smartphone users want to play games, and take a popular one such as Lucky Nugget in Australia who have a range of table and card games as well as the roulette. When you are playing them you require a smartphone that has HD quality images, sounds and speed that recreate the casino feel and that is where the top phones stand out. The same applies to any other games such as Candy Crush or Temple Run that will keep you entertained for hours or something more complex.

That is where you have to consider the processors and the quality of what is inside the phone, when it comes to playing games or watching your favourite show on Netflix, you are requiring a lot more from the phone. Therefore, you need the best processors available, to make sure that what you watch or play is up to speed, combined with the best graphics possible to make the games or the films as realistic as possible. Whilst on the outside the appearance may not be any different, the operating system could be significantly worse. The reason you find cheaper alternatives is because that the parts used aren’t as high quality and that combined with cheaper labour means that Chinese firms are often able to sell technological products at a cheaper rate. This doesn’t mean that all phones imported from abroad are second-rate, there are still some high quality devices out there that can more than meet the needs of a lot of people, at a cheap rate. It’s just with the importance of a smartphone to people nowadays, if you know you will use it a lot, you may as well get the best.


The buy cheap, buy twice theory may not be applicable today because there are a range of excellent phones that can be bought from abroad, but with the amount we use our phones today, from casino games, to online shopping to videoing it is worth getting the best available if that’s what you do. The demands we place on our phones are increasing, so getting a phone capable of meeting those is vital.