The weather is a fascinating subject, and something that Britons love to bring up as a topic of conversation. If you are really into finding out about how weather works and other facts then you will be looking for gadgets to make your hobby more fun. Being able to measure the wind is something which is easy and fun to do, especially with the gadgets that are around too. Here is a brief history how the anemometer came about:

anomometerEarly Days

The word anemometer is taken from the word ‘anemos’ which is Greek for wind. It was in 1450 that the first type of anemometer was created by an Italian art architect, Leon Battisa.

The device consists of cups that are put on an angle, which then rotates from the force of the wind. The clever device was reinvented by Englishman Robert Hooke who is mistaken as the first creator of the meter.

Today’s Technology

Since these early days the concept of the device has pretty much stayed the same over the years, up until recently. With a lot of technology in today’s world revolving around smartphones the wind meter has had to adapt.

The anemometer available from Digital Meters means that weather enthusiasts can check the wind with the help of their phone. You can watch live wind readings by plugging in the meter into the headphone section of the phone, and then download the app to create graphs of average wind speeds and more. This little gadget is compact so you can take it with you wherever you go.