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Google launches Google + Local With Zagat

Google today launches Google+ Local with help of Zagat. Google + local will help users to discover and share local information with ratings and recommendations from Zagat and friends of Google+. This new feature is now integrated in searches, maps and mobile along with Google+ page and Google+ Android app.   With

31 useful keyboard shortcuts for all browsers

Keyboard shortcuts are a good thing for any computer user. They not only speed up the work of Photoshop Professionals and the operation of the operating system, but also when browsing a real workload. Many of these shortcuts work in all browsers while Chrome from Firefox to Internet Explorer.

India now bans Proxy Sites after The Pirate Bay and Vimeo

The Indian governments and court recently ordered ISPs to block several torrent site, file sharing sites and popular video sharing site vimeo. Now in addition to these blocked sites indian ISPs now blocking proxy sites. Proxy site like kproxy.com now has been blocked by some Indian ISP

WordPress gets unofficial App Store WP App Store for plugins and themes

WordPress gets new unofficial App store to purchase various paid and free themes, plugins. We briefly summarize you with features of the WP app store. Premium themes and plugins in the WordPress dashboard center: The official theme and plugin directory for Wordpress is now quite old-fashioned, but easily accessible

Google Announced 52 New Search Updates or Penguin Add-ons?

Search updates by Google is nothing new but Google recently announced 52 new Algorithm Updates or changes in their search engine. There are 52 new search updates in Google in April month. New search updates are more like add ons to the latest penguin update which was released on 24

Huawei can rename to “High Way” : reports

Huawei the leading chinese global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider may rename its brand name to High Way according to reports. According to the Vice-President of Huawei corporation, Amy Lin of Huawei such a name (High Way) for the user devices (smartphones and tablets) will reflect the highest level

How inflated Facebook and Zynga?

  In the past year from the econophysics Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have carefully studied the possible value of the stock corporation Facebook, which estimated in the $ 65-100 billion According to them, it’s complete nonsense, considering how much money the company can squeeze out of the 750 million users

Rumor: Google plans to release Universal comments system for Sites

Google is reportedly planning to release their own comments system for sites, very similar to facebook comments for website. New Google comments will be part of Google+ project and other Google products.   Google’s comment system – a further step towards the universal comment service: Tech blogger WD Saud

Less is more: Google plans to punish Over SEO

Google is apparently planning punishments for websites with over SEO optimized. This suggested, at least Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team at the SXSW conference. The search algorithm could be modified according to even be used in the next few weeks. For webmasters that their sites with a

Pinterest Tracking: How to find out what your content will be pinned

Pinterest is the new darling of the social web and there are also good reasons.Pinterest for example, provides orderly traffic to your website. But that’s because content is actually pinned? With a little trick you can find it out quickly and easily. Pinterest tracking: What are the popular images