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The Day The Google Adsense Stood Still

  What was the last time when you saw your Google Adsense earnings go exactly zero? I am not talking about your earning for today so far, but Google Adsense users today complaining that all they Estimated earnings reset to zero. Just today at 19-July almost all Google Adsense users complaining that

Godaddy Opens Customer Care Center in India With toll free access

Godaddy the leading domain name and web hosting service provider opened Customer Care Center in India with toll free access nationwide. Customers of Godaddy from india can now contact customer care of Godaddy toll free at 1800 121 0111 and (paid)040-49187600. Customer can call Godaddy customer care from Monday-Saturday, 9

Eleventodelsiglo – A New Virus that Spreads Through Facebook

  From long time the popularity of Facebook is being used by cyber criminals to spread viruses on the Internet through links that direct users to malicious pages, invitations to events or videos that contain malicious code.  This week there is new virus circulating on the internet

Nokia preparing to launch Nokia AIR cloud service

The s60betalabs published a commercial video of Nokia AIR cloud service . The platform is designed to synchronize applications, contacts and multimedia files of smartphones and tablets of Nokia. The first mobile operating system, which you can access the Nokia Air, will be the Nokia’s own operating system Symbian Belle.

Google Plus Vs Facebook Comparison [INFOGRAPHIC]

A new infographic about Google plus vs Facebook recently published by U.S. software company Pardot on their blog. Infographic show the main differences between Google + and Facebook in term of user base, interests of users, gender. Preliminary interim result is clear : Facebok is more stable and balanced than Google + in terms of gender

Ustream.tv in the list of malware sites? : flagged by Google

Ustream.tv one of the popular site for live broadcasting has been flagged by Google. While visiting Ustream.tv Google shows Malware   warning – visiting this site may harm your computer! Well after visiting the site and browse through lots of pages i unable to find any suspicious activity in

YouTube to live broadcast Olympics 2012 in 64 countries of Asia

YouTube has announced that they will cooperate with the International Olympic Commission (IOC) to broadcast 2200 hours of videos of the London Olympics 2012 on its channels in 64 countries in Asia and Africa. NBC is gearing up for the London Olympics 2012 by using Microsoft’s Silverlight HD video player plugin for YouTube.

06/06/2012: IPv6 day, 340 billion new IP address

Yesterday, 6/6, appears to be a normal day just like any other. However, for those who regularly use online Internet , it also has a very special meaning. 06/06/2012 is the day that all Internet service providers, web company to network and device manufacturers worldwide official connection

Napster founders launches ‘Airtime’ the first live video chat network

Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning the founder of popular music sharing site Napster, yesterday launches the first live video chat network site called Airtime. Airtime is video chat network connected via social networking site facebook, With Airtime facebook users can video chat with their facebook friends and friends they wanted to know.

Samsung Cloud Gaming Service for Smart TV

If you are thinking that Samsung has nothing to do with video games, then you are mistaken. The South Korean company Samsung electronics has presented its own cloud-gaming service, which was named Samsung Cloud Gaming Service for its Smart TV.   The Samsung Cloud Gaming Service was developed