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Ogaki Kyoritsu Japanese Bank introduces the use of biometric ATM

  The regional bank Ogaki Kyoritsu in central Japan to become the first financial institution in the country, which will use the ATMs with the identification by the fingerprint of the palm the technology is called as ‘Biometric’. In September of this year, Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank is going to use twelve

PowerPot – First thermoelectric USB-charger

If suddenly the world’s power failure occurs and you will remain without electricity, there is no need to panic. We know that at the present time it is very difficult to do without electricity. Most of the devices around us uses energy. However, there are situations in which no mobile

NOKIA Patents a Flexible Nanomobiles

Nokia has filed a new a patent application in U.S. Patent Office on a special flexible technology transforming mobile phones. As analysts, the device resembles presented by Nokia in 2008 the concept of Morph, which is also supposed to apply to the development of nanotechnology and transparent electronics. However, over

LG to release a flexible “electronic paper”

LG has started mass production of flexible displays for “book readers”, says blog Engadget. The screens will form an image on the technology of electronic ink (e-ink). Unlike most modern screen e-ink, the product will not be used LG glass and plastic substrate. It looks like a “protective

Sony to install front camera on the inside of the screen

Standard front camera is a small module, which has a circular shape, and is usually located above the display, smartphone or tablet. But what if the camera will be installed inside of the display, and a completely different place? Sony has applied for a patent, which has set the front

NEC introduces the ultra-thin ORB battery

NEC told the world that is working on a new type of rechargeable batteries, which are much thinner than their predecessors. The company said that the new ORB battery ( Organic Radical Battery ) can be printed on the 0.01-inch plate (0.3 mm). The battery can be integrated into credit cards

London Underground to hold Wi-Fi for the Olympics

The Greater London Authority (GLA) has given contract to Virgin Media to provide Wi-Fi across 120 underground stations in the occasion of Olympics.   Passengers of the London Underground will be able to go online via Wi-Fi, reports BBC News. Wireless Wi-Fi service working in the subway in July 2012.

Secret behind the Nokia 808 PureView camera

    Nokia 808 PureView Smartphone became one of the main attraction in MWC 2012. This is not surprising – we’re used to seeing in mobile devices 5, 8 or 12 megapixel camera. Therefore, the output of smartphone with 41 megapixel camera breaks down stereotypes. Anyone familiar

IBM introduces prototype of Optical Processor

Research Division of IBM has created a prototype of an optical processor that can transmit terabits Of data every second, using an unusual design with 48 small holes in a standard CMOS-chip, which is conducted through the light. IBM created a prototype of the Optical processor which

What is Retina Display?

Now everyone is talking about Retina display, worrying about the fact that they can not appear in the Mac, and looking forward to their appearance in the iPad 3 . There is an idea expressed by the developer Bjango Mark Edwards (Marc Edwards) on Twitter: “The number