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Samsung to unveil an 8-core processor in 2013

If the year 2012 will be remembered as the year of quad devices, the coming year will be held under the motto “8 cores – Standard”. The first manufacturer of such chips will be the South Korean company Samsung, which plans to present 8-core processor in February. Samsung

Toshiba released a printer that erase the printed text

Japanese company Toshiba Tec released a printer based on FriXion Ball pen technology, allows you to erase the printed text. On the development of the device was reported in the spring of 2012. It uses technology similar to that which applies in a special gel-filled ball point pens,

Biotechnologists developed MicroChip Device to capture cancer cells

U.S. Scientists have created MicroChip to capture cancer cells of blood and calculate their number. The MicroChip device is developed by a U.S. based Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s research team, could find broad therapeutic and diagnostic uses in the detection of rare types of cells like foetal, cancer cells, also viruses

How 4G and the Cloud will Revolutionise Your Digital Life

The 4G revolution has arrived, and with it comes drastically quicker mobile data speeds that could potentially revolutionize mobile computing for the better. Increased data speeds will allow for new technologies such as video chatting and cloud computing to flourish, making our Smartphone and tablet devices more

The Growing 4G LTE Sprint Network

The Sprint a network is growing as technicians continue working hard to expand their 4G network. Lots of smart phone users across the country as still holding on to their 3G network phones. The appeal of the 4G network is exciting though. Some people are changing their

Hitachi’s new storage system can store information for 100 Millions of Years

Hitachi showed a prototype experimental data storage in digital form, relying on a carrier such as silica glass. According to the developer, Hitachi’s new storage system technology saves the information in its original form for “hundreds of millions of years.” On the eve of a research unit, Hitachi

Watch Apple iPhone 5 Launch Live Streaming

Finally its 12 September today and in less than 24 hours, Apple will launch the iPhone 5 officially to the world. Expectations have been immense and that no other smartphone is as big as iPhone 5. For all of those who intend to do nothing then you

Are you ready for 8-core processor Android devices?

Well you might be thinking that Quad Core processors are the future of Smartphones or Tablets but you were wrong because very soon we will see the devices based on 8-core processor i.e. Octa-Core processor. By the end of the year World’s leading chip manufacturer Qualcomm plans

Convert any website text to mp3 with SoundGecko

How many of you prefer to listen the content rather reading? Imagine you are working out in the gym or roaming around, instead of listening music don’t you want to go through your daily newspaper or your favorite website that keeps you updated with the latest happening around

Flutter updated with the ability to skip the song and some other features

Flutter the app that control your media with a gesture of a hand with the help of webcam has been updated with the ability to skip the current playing song with a hand gesture. As some of you already know that flutter allows you to play &