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The Cell Phone Monitoring Software Exceeding Expectations

When we want to invest our hard-earned money somewhere, we want the most lucrative of the opportunities. And when parents or employees want to invest in some cell phone monitoring software, they want no hassle and maximum returns. This review will explore the software that has far exceeded

Surprises from Apple- iPhone 4 16GB is Reintroduced

Apple suddenly took its poll to iPhone 4 in India. Apple has reopened the box of surprises that were waiting for the fans of iPhone 4. Now, it’s the 16 GB version is available in India and it’s Rs. 31,800 as multiple sources. During the launch of

Google’s New Smartphone Moto X Specs Leaked – Android 4.2.2 and 2 GB RAM

Google now has a good standing in the smartphone market. Starting with a Nexus device from Samsung few years back and till the LG Nexus 4, they have received applause and praises from all those who are Android fans, and greeted for their innovativeness. And since this

Citi Research: iPhone with Larger 4.8 Inch Screen in the Works

A big rumour has been spread for the iPhone fans, Citi research has predicted that Apple will launch an iPhone with larger 4.8 inch display in 2014. As next week will be a conference of Apple, named as Worldwide Developer Conference, speculations have been started about the

Sony Xperia Z Google Edition with Stock Android is Rumoured to be Coming Soon

For the last few days, a rumour has become very popular that Google edition Android Smartphones is coming very soon. This rumour has been spread about several Smartphone manufacturers, the latest one on this list is Sony. Well, it has been rumoured that Sony is going to

Samsung Announces the IP67 Galaxy S4 Active Officially with Amazing Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Smartphone is official now. This device created a big hype before its release as it had numerous number of leaked photos and videos, and it predicted by many experts before the release. Samsung officially announced their new flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4

Apple Launches New Cheaper 16 GB iPod Touch at $229

A rumor was spread that Apple is going to introduce a new model of iPhone 5S at a cheaper price than its predecessors. But it wasn’t the right rumor as Apple has introduced an iPod Touch instead of the iPhone 5S. Apple, the tech giant of the

LG Optimus G Pro Is Coming to India This June with 5.5 inch 1080p Display, 1.7GHz CPU

A great news for the fan of LG Smartphones in India as LG is going to introduce a new Smartphone in the Indian market. It is the LG Optimus G Pro, it has been launched in Japan and Korea. Soon H Kwon, the managing director of LG’s

OIS and Optical Zoom Considered on New Galaxy Note 3 Says Samsung

A report by Korean site has said that Samsung is planning new technological implementations on their new product—the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The scope of these upgrades seems to be dealing with the camera and its functionality; industry insiders have claimed that optical image stabilization (OIS)

A closer look at the Samsung Galaxy S4

If you are reading this blog, you are clearly aware of the Samsung Galaxy S4 by now. But is it really a big step up from its predecessor the S3? And how does it compare to rivals such as the iPhone 5 and the Nexus 4? Read