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Indian ISP Tata Photon Blocks Across India

After blocking some torrent sites, some Indian ISPs like Tata Photon now blocking access to Earlier this month Government of India ordered to block 309 URLs and some twitter accounts in the wake of Assam riots.  There is no reasonable explanation why Tata Photon blocks access to

How to Use Google Handwrite On Android, iPad, iPhone and Tablets

  Google often amazes the world by improving  the user experience more and more with Google search. This time Google has added a new feature on your homepage to use with Smartphones and tablet, The new feature called Handwrite which enable search write by hand , as if

The Day The Google Adsense Stood Still

  What was the last time when you saw your Google Adsense earnings go exactly zero? I am not talking about your earning for today so far, but Google Adsense users today complaining that all they Estimated earnings reset to zero. Just today at 19-July almost all Google Adsense users complaining that

Propose Girlfriend via Boot Animation of Android

How did you propose to your girlfriend?  probably with roses and candles or hot air balloon over mountains? This guy or say geek from reddit forum proposes to his girlfriend via a custom boot animation on his Android and incredibly girl said yes. Amazing isn’t it?  

Eleventodelsiglo – A New Virus that Spreads Through Facebook

  From long time the popularity of Facebook is being used by cyber criminals to spread viruses on the Internet through links that direct users to malicious pages, invitations to events or videos that contain malicious code.  This week there is new virus circulating on the internet

Google Plus Vs Facebook Comparison [INFOGRAPHIC]

A new infographic about Google plus vs Facebook recently published by U.S. software company Pardot on their blog. Infographic show the main differences between Google + and Facebook in term of user base, interests of users, gender. Preliminary interim result is clear : Facebok is more stable and balanced than Google + in terms of gender

USPS stops shipping electronics with lithium batteries

According to Western sources, since May 7, the U.S. Postal Service USPS stops to send and receive electronics, which has a lithium battery. It mainly impacts on iPhone, iPad, Kindle , laptops and other mobile phones. According to the regulations of various international organizations including the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Universal

How inflated Facebook and Zynga?

  In the past year from the econophysics Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have carefully studied the possible value of the stock corporation Facebook, which estimated in the $ 65-100 billion According to them, it’s complete nonsense, considering how much money the company can squeeze out of the 750 million users

NOKIA Patents a Flexible Nanomobiles

Nokia has filed a new a patent application in U.S. Patent Office on a special flexible technology transforming mobile phones. As analysts, the device resembles presented by Nokia in 2008 the concept of Morph, which is also supposed to apply to the development of nanotechnology and transparent electronics. However, over

Samsung vs. Apple: an end to wars around the Slide2Unlock?

  Today, Samsung has gained a small but important victory in its dispute with Apple about a patent for technology to unlock the device using a virtual runner Slide2Unlock . District Court for the German city of Mannheim postponed a decision in the patent litigation between the