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Are you sitting comfortably? How to find the right posture for laptop work

If you spend any time working with computers, you’ll know the aches and pains that can be caused by too much time sitting in one place. With the increasing popularity of laptops, people are contorting themselves into smaller and smaller spaces, but the health risks of this

Which is better for website: Readymade CMS or custom build

Making your own website is not a big deal, indeed! Yes, though some of you, who are less up-to-date with the latest happenings in the web world, may object the statement, the process of creating one website for your professional or personal use has become entirely different

Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s Devices & Services Business in 5.44 Billion Euros Deal

The Board of Directors of both Microsoft Corporation and Nokia Corporation have announced on 3rd September, 2013 about the deal according to which Microsoft will acquire significant stakes in Nokia’s Device and service business. Under the agreement, the complete Nokia Device and Service Business, License for Nokia’s

Google event and launch of Google Chromecast

Google have just launched a brand new device called the Chromecast which allows users to stream media directly to their television sets from their tablets, smartphones and computers. This device is basically a two-inch dongle which plugs directly into the HDMI input. Its compact size allows it

The 10 most expensive domain names in 2012

How much money do you spend to buy a domain? For example, prices of «.com» domains vary from $10 to $15. But, it is “penny” in comparison with, for how much to sell some domain names. I offer you a list of the 10 most expensive domain names in 2012 deals. I

Interesting facts about the iphone 5

We are currently living in an era where Smartphones rule the mobile phone world and 4G networks set speeds for data transfers. Better yet, all Smartphones are punctuated using applications. Different mobile companies are coming up with top of the range phones to out run each other

Hitachi’s new storage system can store information for 100 Millions of Years

Hitachi showed a prototype experimental data storage in digital form, relying on a carrier such as silica glass. According to the developer, Hitachi’s new storage system technology saves the information in its original form for “hundreds of millions of years.” On the eve of a research unit, Hitachi

Identify and Get the name of Tree by using Leafsnap Smartphone app

Smartphones have made our life easier, they offer so many features in just one small package. Now you can get everything anywhere which you want just because of this Smartphone is a basic need of many millions. We can identify any picture, song name by using Smartphone

Watch Apple iPhone 5 Launch Live Streaming

Finally its 12 September today and in less than 24 hours, Apple will launch the iPhone 5 officially to the world. Expectations have been immense and that no other smartphone is as big as iPhone 5. For all of those who intend to do nothing then you

Astronomers observed Gravitational waves from two white dwarfs

Two stars orbiting each other at very high speed, gives scientists the opportunity to practice to look at what Albert Einstein said – curvature of space time. That is, of course, the curvature cannot be seen, but you can watch the gravity hopper, which accompanies this curvature.