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How To Upload To Dropbox, Google Drive From Windows “Send to” Menu

To synchronize files or folders with a cloud service, Dropbox, or Google Drive  has become a popular application. Of course, you can  upload files with drag and drop, but for Windows users it is much easier and less complicated the “Send to” method when you right-click on the

How To Disable SSL In Google Search Results

Have You ever wondered when you logged in Google account every search you made goes through Google SSL connection? Last year Google switched all their products and services to use secure ssl connection. So when user who logged in Google account will always go through SSL and

How To Post Updates On Google+ Via SMS

Now just like updating your status on facebook via sms now you can post updates on Google+ via sms. Google+ SMS service is now available in 41 new countries. Google+ SMS service now available in 41 new countries mentioned below in list: Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Benin,

How To Install Windows 8 On USB Drive

If you want to run Windows 8 on the PC locally, and not as a virtual machine installed, install on USB flash drive is an attractive alternative to installing from a DVD . All you need is a 4GB USB flash drive and a free tool. First you