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How To Find Song Used In YouTube Video easily

How many times you came across the youtube video which has nice song you never heard before, or you just want to find out the song behind any video whether its Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacefe or vimeo etc. The most easiest way to find out the song or music behind

How to prolong battery life of Android smartphone

Android smartphones are very sick in terms of its battery life . Here I am giving you some Tips on how to prolong battery life of Android smartphones. To save battery! How? As one of the options you can try to install large number of diverse applications

How To Delete or Deactivate Pinterest Account

You are not interested in Pinterest any more? Or just wanted to deactivate your secondary Pinterest account? Whatever your reason for deactivating pinterest account, you can do it in just few easy steps. To deactivate Pinterest account, first login to your account. After succesful login you can

How to install Android applications from Google Play

[box_light]Install applications directly from Google Play inbuilt application[/box_light] The easiest, fastest and most convenient way of installing Android applications on your device – the official Google Play store. Google Play icon can be found preinstalled on any Android-device. Google Play previously known as Android Market but in

How to share files on twitter with TwileShare

How to share files on twitter? We already know how to break the limitation of 140 characters imposed by Twitter with various external apps. Today in Twitter we can share pictures and videos, but we still unable to share files but now with Twileshare we can share files. This web application gives us

How To Unblock The Pirate Bay, Vimeo and torrent Sites

Now the pirate bay, Vimeo and some other torrent site is being blocked by ISPs in many countries, millions of internet users now searching for how to unblock these sites. Today we will explore the ways to unblock these sites with some easy tips. The Pirate Bay : In

How To Add Google Search Box In Google Chrome

For some reason do you want to have Google search box in Google Chrome browser and wanted to search the old way? Then you are at right place. Why use Google search box anyway when we can search right from main address bar (omnibox) which does the same

How to take better pictures from Phone

Today, most of the phones are coming with camera, but the performance on these can be very sad to some great cameras out there but what happens if you have a regular phone with regular camera, but need to take a clearer picture, sharper picture than this

How To Monitor Website 24×7 With Free Website Monitoring Tools

Every webmaster or website owner always wanted to have stable and smooth performance of their website without any downtime, specially when your website is your main source of income. To monitor website there are lots of website monitoring services available on web which helps you to monitor

How to Disable Avira Antivirus Blocking Google AdSense Ads

Recently when working with opera and Chrome adblock extension I noticed that even after disabling these plugins, browser continues to block Google adsense ads. After scratching my head all over, i disable my Avira Antivirus and voila Google ads are now back. The reason behind blocking Google adsense is