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Control Music With Webcam, Hand Gestures – Flutter For Windows and Mac

  Imagine the situation: you conveniently collapsed in your chair having cup of coffee, and at the background your favorite music is playing. But now you want to skip the boring track or pause the song for time being. What you do in this case? If you did not

How to run Android applications on Mac OS X

  Do you want to run Android apps on your Mac for testing purpose or any other reason? BlueStacks software developers launched the Alpha version that lets you run some Android applications on Mac OS X. So far there are 17 fully supported Android apps that you can

How to keep gadgets safe on vacation

You are still dying from the heat in a stuffy office, but already mentally soak in the sun-drenched beach? Be patient, have little time! In the midst of the holiday season, we decided to remind our readers some simple rules to follow that you are not only

How to order or buy Google Nexus 7 Tablet in India

  You may already know that Google Nexus 7 tablet is now out and available to buy in various countries starting at $199.00 for 8GB and $249.00 for 16GB model. Take a look what Google Nexus 7 has and specifications of 8GB model. General Product TypeWeb tablet Operating System Android 4.1

How to install Google Now without Jelly Bean

Featured Voice Assistant Google Now , which appeared in the recently introduced version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, probably caused many of the desire to quickly update to the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. We are all aware that we have to wait and wait for

How to create Google Chrome backup of settings, bookmarks

You want to play it safe and save current settings and created Chrome bookmarks? As you can easily create a backup, how? you can read here. Step 1 First you must download the Google Chrome Backup program which creates the backup of user settings and bookmarks. You can download

How to update the Galaxy Nexus to Jelly Bean 4.1

  The new version of the operating system Android 4.1, or Jelly Bean was introduced only a few days ago, but now available to custom firmware. Official update on smartphones, such as the Galaxy Nexus , Motorola Xoom and others are expected to in mid- July . Samsung said the Galaxy S3 will be updated in the 3rd quarter of this

How to use Google Maps in Offline mode with Android

Like Nokia’s offline navigation in Nokia Maps, users of Android smartphones can use Google Maps in Offline mode i.e without having an internet connection. Here you can read the procedure on how it works. If you have not installed Google Maps in your Android smartphone, you can download it

How to optimize PDF files

PDF files are especially good when it comes to send a large documents to read. Unfortunately inflate various elements of a PDF file unnecessarily.There are various softwares are available by which you can optimize PDF files. Make sure that you include a digital photo which size should be

How to choose right Smartphone

The smartphone market is very huge with variety of features and prices, so its difficult to choose right smartphone according to your usage.Primarily people are using mobiles for making calls, to send text, photography, listening music and other basic features but now people are expecting many more things from their mobile