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How To Use Facebook without Internet

Basically you can browse any website using wap/gprs service from your mobile but Now it is possible to get updates, notifications, check friend request of our beloved social networking website Facebook without internet connection.Facebook has started an offline (Facebook without Internet) service in many countries worldwide including Russia, India, United

Identify and Get the name of Tree by using Leafsnap Smartphone app

Smartphones have made our life easier, they offer so many features in just one small package. Now you can get everything anywhere which you want just because of this Smartphone is a basic need of many millions. We can identify any picture, song name by using Smartphone

How To Connect USB Modem To Google Nexus 7 tablet

As we all know the Google Nexus 7 tablet doesn’t have native 3G support other than Wi-Fi , so today I will show you how to connect a 3G USB modem to Google Nexus 7 tablet to access the internet. It should be noted that you can connect your 3G/EVDO

How to connect USB flash drives to Nexus 7

One of the main disadvantages of Google Nexus 7 tablet – is it has no microSD card slot. There are many HD-video and some games and apps having size of 4 GB or more, so you may face the memory space problem, and the problem is very serious especially for

How to combine Wi-Fi and 3G for faster Download

If you want to download any file at higher speed on the Android platform, by using either the UMTS / HSDPA / LTE connection with WiFi – whichever is currently active just download  Super Download which combine Wi-Fi and 3G to download larger files like HD videos at maximum download

Convert any website text to mp3 with SoundGecko

How many of you prefer to listen the content rather reading? Imagine you are working out in the gym or roaming around, instead of listening music don’t you want to go through your daily newspaper or your favorite website that keeps you updated with the latest happening around

How To Watch London Olympics 2012 On iPad, iPhone, Android, Desktop

Are you ready for the London 2012 Olympics?  Prepare yourself with London 2012 Olympics – Live Stream android and ios apps. Enjoy the online live streaming of London Olympics 2012 games on your Android, iPhone, iPad, tablet or any other device on the go. Watch live streaming without

How to Use Google Handwrite On Android, iPad, iPhone and Tablets

  Google often amazes the world by improving  the user experience more and more with Google search. This time Google has added a new feature on your homepage to use with Smartphones and tablet, The new feature called Handwrite which enable search write by hand , as if

How to clear the DNS cache? When its necessary?

DNS (Domain Name Service) – the mechanism used on the Internet to set the correspondence between the numeric IP-addresses and text names. Whenever the DNS-server receives information about the domain, the information is cached in local drive for later use. DNS caching on the local machine provides quick

How to Auto-Publish your RSS Feed to Google+ pages via Hootsuite

  The Social Media Hootsuite announced support for Google+ Pages. Now Google account holders free to schedule posts for Google+ pages. However private profiles are not yet supported. Till now Hootsuite was available with Google+ pages but was limited to 200 enterprise accounts. Only now it is officially