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How to transfer iTunes library to another drive

Sometimes you need to transfer iTunes library to another drive. For example, if your new computer is having a 128 GB SSD, and the old computer has a terabyte hard drive and 100 GB of music.               Here I am going to

How To Back up your Gmail Account with Google Drive

With technology compounding and the ability to work anywhere in the world increasing, web-based applications such as Gmail offer convenient bases from which to centralize your correspondence and documents. Gmail offers all of the basic administrative functions of desktop organization programs, as well as document and spreadsheet

How To Enable Do Not Track In Chrome Browser

Google recently announced a new, final, version of its very popular browser Google Chrome, one of the main feature of which is « Do Not Track » also known as (DNT). The new feature in Chrome browser called Do Not Track allows you to prohibit sites that track

How to send attachments up to 10 GB with Gmail

Gmail makes possible to send documents/files by email up to 10 GB: Attachment must be hosted on Google Drive. The Gmail team has announced that it is now possible to attach documents/files to an email of any size – almost. You can actually attach a document that is

Loophole In WhatsApp Allows Android User To Upgrade WhatsApp License Free For 10 Years

Well, this is weird, but some blogs really came up with this bug which allows Android WhatsApp user to extend their WhatsApp license for 10 years for free. So far the best BBM like messenger app for Android now asking $0.99 license fees per year after 1

How to install Android 4.2 ROM unofficially

Just a few days ago Google launched the new version of its Android Jelly Bean OS aka Android 4.2 with LG Nexus 4 Smartphone and Samsung Nexus 10 tablet. Manufacturers not going to roll out Android 4.2 ROM to their older devices even some high-end Smartphone users have

How to Deal with iPhone Glass Crack and Dock Connector Problems

In today’s modern world, iPhones have turned out to be so popular that you can find many people in large cities owning one. But, these gadgets are so fragile that they are prone to breakage even with the lightest drop-down. And this is the reason that iPhone

Top 10 Tutorial and Article Submission Sites To Boost Traffic and Create Quality Backlinks

Online tutorials are informative content that are hosted on the web. The informatory content may pertain to an array of niche topics that educate readers about a process or procedure. The striking feature of an online tutorial is that it facilitates easy understanding of a process, and

Learn How to Create Your Own Mobile Apps with Zero Tech Know how

Creating a mobile app on your own no more remains a problem, even if you don’t know anything about HTML5 and don’t have any coding skills. In fact with some modern tools out there it has become as simple as it could ever get, and you all

How to Optimize your Website for Mobile Search And Get More Traffic

With the usage of mobile devices on the ascension globally, the web is fast altering itself to cater the search needs of mobile device users. Google recently stated that of all the global search traffic close to 15% was from mobile devices and searches from Android devices