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Top 5 Techniques which helps to Understand Your Customers

1.  Live Chat Software. Through live support chat service, you cannot just proactively approach your potential clients but can also engage them in a one-on-one conversation. Thus, the seamless text-based conversation lets customers speak out their minds about a particular product and service. This way, you can

Paperless Advertising – Get Creative Using Flipbooks

People have been talking about the world of paperless business ever since the practice of using email became mainstream. Documents could be sent and stored without having to use any paper, and what a wonderful cost saving that would be. Even with such good intentions, it’s actually

Car Buying Guide: How To Calculate Used Car’s Value

Well, car buying and selling is a complex business, and it becomes even more complex when it comes to buying or selling of second-hand cars. One of the prime reasons behind this is the fact that there are numerous cars with different sets of specifications and capabilities

And now for Some Advice from the Money View’s Personal Finance Gurus

Money is an important factor in everybody’s life. It is absolutely necessary for supporting your own and your family’s living. Based on the income structure, the lifestyle differs from person to person but without money no one can ever think of anything possible. In a middle-class family,

Three Reasons Why Your Shopping Cart is Important

Having a good product line to sell on the Internet is only part of the key to success with an eCommerce business. You also must have an attractive and easy to use website. Most importantly, your shopping cart should be easy to use as well. Without a

How Technology can help you close more deals

Over recent years technology has changed a lot of things in our lives. One of these is the way we follow up on leads and close new deals. Here is how you can use technology to achieve better sales results. Use of mobile devices As a business

Smart ways to finance your new start-up

If you are the entrepreneurial type or if you simply fancy being your own boss, launching your own start-up can be a smart decision to take. However, for anyone just starting out, the critical question of financing your new venture looms large. It can be a major

BlueHost Pricing Makes Web Hosting Cost Effective

Price is one of the most critical factors for web hosting. Many web hosting companies have complex price structure that confuse the customers and prevents them from taking advantage of their cheap packages, Click here to sign up for Bluehost coupon. BlueHost has simplified the price structure,

VDRs: The ultimate tool in secure file sharing

With more and more businesses conducting international transactions, higher demands are being placed on web-based platforms to increase security and confidentiality. Although the cloud offers a suitable amount of storage, it’s hardly protective and appropriate for the sharing of confidential information, especially when multi-million pound deals are

How to create a ringtone for iPhone, Android and other phones

Many people want to set a unique ringtone to their iPhone, Android and other phones, but it is not possible until you create any custom ringtone which can make your ringtone truly unique. So now your question will be “How to create a ringtone for iPhone, Android and