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How Drones are Pushing the Limits of Photography and Videography

The first modern-style drones can be traced all the way back to the 1980s. They were produced by Israeli engineers before being adapted by the U.S later on. The resulting tools were used more and more over the years as scientists around the globe began to improve

Is the cheaper smartphone alternative really worth it?

When it comes to phones we all want one for various reasons. The days of just ringing and texting friends has long gone, the smartphone is now a multi-functional device, from sourcing news, to watching television to video calling, there are so many options and ways to

An abbreviated history of wearable technology

It’s easy to assume that the story of wearable technology is one of overnight success. The trend has taken the industry by storm in the last few years, growing in popularity at a phenomenal rate – especially with the release of Apple Watch – and expanding the

4 Things to Invest In If You Want to Get Into Photography

Photography is the art of making still images of the world around us. It’s the best way to capture memories that last a lifetime. But it’s also confusing for those who are just getting started in the field, whether as a hobbyist or as an aspiring amateur.

High Performance Low Cost – Lenovo K3 Note

Lenovo, a technology mammoth has recently launched Lenovo K3 Note at an unbelievably low price of just Rs. 10,000 (approximately). Its power-packed features have brought it to the lime light and made it a hit in the market. Let’s have a closer look at the impressive features

Mobile Social Revolution Infographic

Fiddling with your phone while you’re out to dinner usually constitutes a social faux pas, but the rise of restaurant-related apps and mobile websites is making the practice more appropriate. Diners can use smartphones like the feature-rich iPhone 6 Plus to speed up the dining process and

Galaxy Tab Price India – Tabs for every needs

Portability is the key when it comes to technology. Our need to multitask and that too on the go has led to the invention of the ‘tablet’, a powerful, compact gadget. Tablets are the need of the day for a world that needs everything done quickly and

Best Smartphones for Gaming in 2015

Apart from thousands of tasks that a smartphone can do for its users; gaming is one major task. There are many smartphone users out there who use their phone for one and one reason only, which is gaming. Games are basically apps as well, but they take

Wearable Technology is Fashion Forward

At NYFW 2014, Ken Downing made a crucial observation about the growing wearable tech trend. The Fashion Director and Senior Vice President at Neiman Marcus succinctly stated: ‘Technology is what’s moving fashion forward.’ And as more designers become involved in the wearable industry, we can safely say

If You Love Recycling, You’ll Love This

Encouraging people to get involved in recycling and doing their bit for the environment is all well and good, but many believe that ‘going green’ just involves putting their plastic bottles in the correct bin and separating their food waste from their general waste. While it is