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Be Smarter Than Hackers

In today’s digital age, more and more information is being stored online. While this is much more convenient for a lot of reasons, it also means that it can be accessed more easily by hackers. While you may think that this is a problem for big corporations

The Benefits of Implementing CMMS

In any asset-intensive industry, assets must be kept in perfect working order and they must be ready to function whenever there’s a need. Unplanned maintenance is expensive and costs many times more than if it’s planned maintenance. This is mainly on account of overtime-labor costs, emergency parts,

EaseUS Data Recovery Software Review

The majority of users worldwide are now very much carrying a piece of portable device with us everywhere we go. It could be a tablet, a phablet, a smartphone and we use definitely can’t live without it. With such high dependency on portable devices, it is about

The Juncture Point of PC and Mobile Gaming: Reviews for NVIDIA Shield

Taking the gaming industry for a spin, NVIDIA has finally released the much awaited handheld gaming device, the SHIELD. After some initial delay, NVIDIA officially announced the launch of Shield, with a declined price tag of $300 from the earlier announced $350. The SHIELD is the first

Windows 8.1 Preview

Some of the biggest news in the tech world is the pre-release version of Windows 8.1 called Windows 8.1 preview. It is a small look into what is in store for Microsoft customers in the future and while only a sample, offers robust features that really provide

How to transfer iTunes library to another drive

Sometimes you need to transfer iTunes library to another drive. For example, if your new computer is having a 128 GB SSD, and the old computer has a terabyte hard drive and 100 GB of music.               Here I am going to

7 best free software for batch image editing

In the age of digital cameras, there is nothing easier than to make a lot of photos. In no time, you may end up with a mountain of pictures that will now need to analyze, edit, etc. No matter what you decide to do with the photos, but before

Download IM+ Messenger For Windows 8

Finally, long awaited all-in-one multi chat messenger IM+ has arrived in Windows 8 landscape. It is quite inconvenient to log into various chat services, as you need to use multiple desktop chat clients, or disjointedly access each online chat service through the browser to keep a tab

Comparative Analysis of All the Angry Bird Games Released So Far

All the smartphone gaming enthusiasts across the world know about the mania Angry Birds has created in last couple of years. There have been many versions of the game that Rovio rolled out over past 2 years, and surprisingly every new release has almost outsmarted the older

GIVEAWAY: 1AVCenter, the ultimate audio video center solution 100% FREE of charges

PCWinSoft brings you exciting news: The company is giving out free copies of 1AVCenter, the ultimate video and audio center software. The cost of 1AVCenter is $99.95 but in here you get it for FREE. That is right: Free of charges. 1AVCenter is like a swissknife for