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Pro Cycling Manager 2012 : First Look

Developer of Cyanide studio and publisher Focus Home Interactive Edition Launched This year’s Pro Cycling Manager 2012. The Pro Cycling Manager 2012 version of the game features a series of updates and changes that will please old fans, but it’s pretty clear that the main objective of the

Kimdecent – Mini-computer worth $78

Very compact computers with the size normal flash drive is actively gaining popularity. Therefore, some manufacturers are beginning to produce one of their new products. One of the most recent of these innovations was Kimdecent costing only $78. It is similar to MK802 , whose release was in May.

Intel announced next generation processors Xeon Phi

Intel Corporation today introduced a new family of high-performance processors called Xeon Phi, which are specially optimized for Supercomputers. Intel’s new chips Xeon Phi will release later this year and the first in this family of processors will be known as the Knights Korner. These chips are targeted

Microsoft Windows 8 – a rich multimedia platform

Microsoft says, their upcoming OS Windows 8 will feature enhanced connectivity capabilities, better skills, social networking and support for exciting new applications and with various multimedia features. Microsoft designed new platform Windows 8 for a new range of laptops, it was natural that also offer great entertainment capabilities, regardless

[Computex 2012] AMD shows a compact nettop LifeBox

At Computex 2012 exhibition in Taipei, AMD demonstrated a new nettop LifeBox, which is perfect for office or as a home entertainment center. The AMD Lifebox is an compact PC aka nettop which does not need to install it on the table, it is directly connected to

CompuLab starts selling nettop Intense PC

The Israel based company CompuLab which is A leading manufacturer of innovative energy efficient computers, recently released its first compact computer Intense PC. Nettop Intense PC is based on the Intel’s new processors Ivy Bridge with a passive cooling system. Dimensions of the Intense PC – just 19 cm x

Acer introduces Aspire 7600U and Aspire 5600U Windows 8 PC

At Computex Taipei 2012 Acer announced Aspire 7600U and Aspire 5600U, two new all-in-one PC created specifically for the Windows 8 operating system. Both are family of Aspire U series : Aspire 7600U with a 27-inch screen and Aspire 5600U with a screen size of 23 inches. The 7600U has a

Microsoft released Windows 8 Release Preview

As promised, the release of the latest operating system Windows 8 is held in the first week of June. Today, Windows 8 Release Preview is now available for download. As with the previous version of the Microsoft platform offers the user to download a Windows 8 Upgrade

Foxconn announced AMD based NanoPC models A3550 and A3700

Taiwanese company Foxconn, a leading manufacturer of electronics and computer components, announced the updated lineup of nettops NanoPC models A3550 and A3700. These tiny computers are gaining increasing popularity worldwide due to a number of indisputable advantages, including compact size, extremely low power consumption and, last but

Panasonic unveiled Toughbook Laptop and Toughpad Tablet in Milan

Panasonic unveiled its entire line of Toughbook Laptop, notebook, Toughpad Tablet -convertible rugged tablet, rugged laptop for business users who need not only device powerful above all, but reliable and usable even in extreme conditions like construction sites, industries etc. Among all the notebooks they were all