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Flutter updated with the ability to skip the song and some other features

Flutter the app that control your media with a gesture of a hand with the help of webcam has been updated with the ability to skip the current playing song with a hand gesture. As some of you already know that flutter allows you to play &

Yandex.Disk New Cloud Storage Service From Yandex

Yandex the search engine giant in Russia recently launches new cloud storage service called Yandex.Disk like Dropbox or Google Drive. Yandex.Disk works exactly in the same way as their other competitors such as Dropbox, Google Drive in the form of a desktop client and web upload interface. Yandex.Disk you allow

India’s most powerful supercomputer SAGA uses NVIDIA GPU

NVIDIA announced that the system of SAGA, the most powerful supercomputer in India which has an 86th place in the last updated list of Top500 , utilizes NVIDIA ® graphics processors to improve the design and analysis of launch vehicles, which is an important aspect of the national space program. Supercomputer

SkyDrive App for Windows Phone updated to version 2.2 with new logo and visual updates

Microsoft released new updated version of SkyDrive App for Windows phone which is now available to download from windows marketplace. The latest app version is 2.2 and applicable for Windows Phone 7.5 or higher. New SkyDrive version 2.2 comes with a new logo and some other changes, so that

NETGEAR R6300 and R6200 – the World’s first WiFi 802.11ac routers

The company announced a new line of NETGEAR products that includes two wireless routers, NETGEAR R6300 and R6200 and a USB-adapter NETGEAR A6200. All new products have support for next-generation Wi-Fi 802.11ac wireless networks, at frequencies of 5.6 GHz. NETGEAR R6300 is the industry’s first WiFi-router based on IEEE WiFi 802.11ac, provides

Download images from Instagram With Instagram Free Downloader

  Instagram Free Downloader is a software for Windows that allows you to download public images from Instagram. Once installed we just need to enter the user name of person using Instagram, after app shows a list of pictures to download, you can mark those which you want to

Control Music With Webcam, Hand Gestures – Flutter For Windows and Mac

  Imagine the situation: you conveniently collapsed in your chair having cup of coffee, and at the background your favorite music is playing. But now you want to skip the boring track or pause the song for time being. What you do in this case? If you did not

Dell Inspiron 15R-2106SLV goes on sale in the United States

World’s leading computer maker, Dell released a laptop Inspiron 15R-2106SLV powered by Intel Core i5-3210M Ivy Bridge processor , in the U.S. market. Dell Inspiron 15R-2106SLV is equipped with 2.5-GHz processor, the third generation of Intel Core i5-3210M “Ivy Bridge”, which complements the 8 GB of DDR3 RAM and

Samsung introduced World’s first DDR4 16GB RAM

  Worldwide availability of DDR4 RAM modules is expected in the market up to 2014. However, the hardware manufacturers are already on the way to adapt the DDR4 technology to the demands of new computing devices. The Korean company Samsung has introduced the first World’s first DDR4 16GB RAM built on the basis

Puddle THD – Liquid Puzzle Game for Android Tegra 3 Devices

Puddle THD Lite the game for Android by Neko Entertainment is now available for download in the Google play Store. Puddle THD Lite is only applicable for NVIDIA Tegra 3 Powered Devices. The developers of this game Neko Entertainment, developed this game to users with extensive use of an accelerometer