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Google unveils new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS

The search engine giant Google at a conference I/O in San Francisco, introduced a new version of the operating system Android – 4.1, code-named Jelly Bean. Broadcast of the event is available on YouTube. The system interface is largely similar to the interface, Android 4.0, but version

The Best Android translator apps

  It is not necessary to be a polyglot in order to understand more and more languages. Modern technologies allow us to understand if you are not 100%, then at least the general meaning of the text in any language, by having a handy Android translator application

The Dark Knight Rises game for Android trailer released by Gameloft

At the official Youtube channel of Gameloft  teaser clip of the new game on the Android Batman: The Dark Knight Rises appeared.  Video describes as “When in danger of Gotham and the people live in fear, there is only one hope …” The graphics in the game at a very high, Compared

Download MiHome Launcher the best launcher for Android in Google Play

MIUI yesterday launched  a very interesting application called MiHome Launcher, for Android devices through which you can almost reverse the user interface of your smartphone. With MiHome Launcher, you can choose one of several possible themes, change the background wallpaper, choose a favorite set of icons. MiHome Launcher is very

5 Best VPN Apps for android that really worth

Smartphones are always smarter because you can do any type of function from it just by installing suitable applications in it. You can use VPN in android to connect and browse internet securely, anonymously.  In this post I will share a list of 5 best VPN Apps

Blocks Breaker Machine – free android game

Have ever played fireball? Blocks Breaker Machine look very similar to old classic game fireball. Blasting Machine, Bouncing the ball on the paddle appeared in games from the beginning of their existence, and the Arkanoid game is one of varieties.   Blocks Breaker Machine is the next variety

Pacman PAC-CHOMP the best classic game on Android

Pacman the game created history and entertained all is available on Android in form of PAC-CHOMP. PAC-CHOMP for Android  is a simple puzzle game and moving pacman is your key to high score. There are three game modes 1. NORMAL, 2.HARD CORE and 3.SCRAMBLE, In Normal mode you need to eliminate pesky

Gameloft released video of asphalt 7 Heat and The Amazing Spider-Man

Gameloft yesterday released video trailer of asphalt 7 Heat and The Amazing Spider-Man games. The Amazing Spider-Man will be available to download from beginning of next month. asphalt 7 Heat video trailer: In addition to the Amazing Spider-Man, there will be another version of the successful series of Gameloft Asphalt. Already

The Amazing Spider-Man soon in Google Play

The Amazing Spider-Man soon the game will be available to download from Google Play Store for Android. Company Gameloft has received permission to develop a new game about the adventures of Spider Man, the game will be released on mobile devices and will be available to download from beginning of

Why do people refuse to Android: 5 Reasons

  I must say that I am an ardent fan of Android and almost everything connected with it. I like the idea behind the operating system open source, as well as the extent to which it has ample opportunities. But some properties of the Android irritate and