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Sony released ApkAnalyser to analyze apk files for potential vulnerabilities

Sony has released a new tool ApkAnalyser to analyze apk files for potential vulnerabilities, which comes with open source. ApkAnalyser designed to validate and test the Android application in order to avoid the risk. You just have to unpack, install, run, and verify test results with Logcat (Tip: Logcat is the command

How to install Android 4.2 ROM unofficially

Just a few days ago Google launched the new version of its Android Jelly Bean OS aka Android 4.2 with LG Nexus 4 Smartphone and Samsung Nexus 10 tablet. Manufacturers not going to roll out Android 4.2 ROM to their older devices even some high-end Smartphone users have

Android: Every fourth app is a security risk – shocking result

There are the problems of an open source platform. Under the ever-growing popularity of the Google mobile operating system at the same time increasing the security risk, which is difficult to get a grip. New studies now show on significant safety deficiencies in a variety of applications available in

Top 4 Best Diet Apps For iPhone Which Will Help You Eat Healthy And Stay Fit

Many of us constantly worry about losing our weight. And for this same purpose, we end up spending a fortune on gyms, health clubs, dietitians and the likes. But not anymore!  If you watch what you eat, and maintain a balanced diet, it does help in losing weight

Top 5 Best Social Media Apps For Your Android Smartphone

Social media has become an important part of our lives. Wherever we go, the first thing we do is take out our android devices to check on the latest updates or notifications we get! It has also become a ‘status’ media. People look up to you when

Apple Updates, Are you still Fascinated?

Within the span of seven months, Apple has made it possible to make iPad 3 look outdated with the launch of iPad 4 and iPad mini. Those who may have just purchased iPad 3 may well be disappointed after discovering that their newly acquired iPad 3, tagged

Comparative Analysis of All the Angry Bird Games Released So Far

All the smartphone gaming enthusiasts across the world know about the mania Angry Birds has created in last couple of years. There have been many versions of the game that Rovio rolled out over past 2 years, and surprisingly every new release has almost outsmarted the older

Opera Mobile 12.1 outs for Android

Opera Software announced the release of a new version of the browser, Opera Mobile 12.1 for the tablet and Smartphones running Android .According to the developers, Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android works in the same stable, regardless of the chipset, which is the core of the device (v5, v7,

Nokia released Firmware update to Asha 300,X2-02/03 and C2-02/C2-03

Finnish company Nokia has struggled to keep up with the rival companies on the market with advanced and innovative Smartphones, but this time Nokia does not forget about the cheap state employees that are in high demand in developing countries. This time, Nokia has released a firmware update

Pinnatta app, send Live Messages to Friends and Loved Ones

It was formerly known as Gipht.me, while the application was in beta and now Pinnatta app is widely available on leading platforms, including iOS and Android. Pinnatta app brings an interesting way to give a completely different aspect of communication via message, and here you can send much