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Top 6 News Sources to Download Today

The number of news sources one can visit is simply overwhelming, and it can be a hassle to keep switching between news apps just to find out what’s happening in the world. That’s why you need to download a new kind of news app; choose one that

AskMe App – Why is it called the “Baap of all Apps”

Visiting a new city could be very confusing at times. Especially if you show up somewhere where people don’t speak the languages that you do, then you are almost screwed. Or maybe a city on your own state you have never been before and want to visit

Top 5 Music Player apps for your Android Device

Well, if you are a smartphone user, you probably must be having a music application for your device. Now, if you are not satisfied with your device’s music player, you better get a music app that accompanies a good number of advanced features. Special thanks to the

Microsoft’s Office is coming on iPhone

iPhone has received the attention that it required from Microsoft Office. It’s the first time that Microsoft’s Office is coming on iPhone with its mass software platform.  We’ve seen Quick Office do the job of Office files. Now, Microsoft office is coming on iPhone with mass support

Apple Announces iOS 7: Complete New Look, Siri, Improved Multitasking and More

Apple has made the announcement about the next iOS, it has unveiled the developer preview of iOS 7. Apple has recently updated its Mac OS X and now it brings the updated iOS 7. The new iOS 7 comes with a complete new design, improved apps and

Intel x86 Supported Android Game Coding

Smartphones especially Android Smartphones have become synonymous with Intel. It is not common to find a recently released Android without an Intel. This is Android’s way of competing with the new Engine that is distributed in the new iOS mobile devices. Due to this upgrade in the

Build Your Own Personal App For iPhone With Recoil App Builder

Your favorite radio station has an iPhone app. Your favorite magazine has an iPhone app. Even your grocery store has an iPhone app. And soon all your friends will all have one, too. The age of the personal iPhone app is here – and building your own

PressReader – a handy app for reading Newspapers

Our Morning begins with children eat breakfast at the table, the father sits at the head table and reading a newspaper. Unfortunately paper media are rapidly receding into the past, this is evidenced by a decreasing number of print publications and rapid growth of electronic media. Now a

Download AdBlock Plus For Android – Block Unwanted Ads

The very popular Adblock plugin for Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari browsers to block unwanted ads from web page is now available to download for Android on Google Play Store free of cost. Most likely, many users are aware of Adblock extension already vailable for the “desktop” of Firefox and

Android 5.0 appeared in Sony LT30i NenaMark2 benchmark test

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean has just appeared with Google Nexus 4 and Google Nexus 10, but because it was still a minor update, we all look forward to the full release of the new Android 5.0. The first mention of the new system came from a NenaMark2