Your favorite radio station has an iPhone app. Your favorite magazine has an iPhone app. Even your grocery store has an iPhone app. And soon all your friends will all have one, too.

The age of the personal iPhone app is here – and building your own might be easier than you think.

personal app for iphone

Why Personal Apps are Catching On

Sharing timely information, creating portable photo albums and storing phone numbers are all good reasons to make your own app. But one unique feature of personal apps seems to be an overwhelming crowd favorite: seeing your own picture right next to Angry Birds and Scrabble on your phone’s home screen.

“I’ve got three Recoil Apps on my phone now,” says Madison J. Of Detroit. “My latest app is a picture of my daughter, and we just added that to my mom’s iPad.”

While there are plenty of ways to share pictures on your phone, only personal apps deliver the thrill of seeing your picture as a real Smartphone icon.

Less App Store, More Privacy

If your app is intended mostly for yourself, your friends and your family, then why submit it to the Apple App Store? Personal apps built using Recoil App Builder bypass the App Store completely and help you install them directly on your phone.

In fact, most Recoil Apps are tough to find unless you know their exact web address, which makes them ideal for personal phone numbers or family photo albums.

Another advantage of avoiding the App Store: personal apps are not subjected to Apple’s intense app review process, which can be expensive and time consuming. According to Kevin R., “It took me about five minutes to make a Recoil App and put it on my iPhone. I never had to sign up with Apple or go through any sort of approval process.”

On The Cutting Edge president Shooter Upton believes his company’s success with personal apps happened by accident. “Our original goal was to be like all the other app builders you see online, you know, to really focus on the App Store” says Shooter, “but eventually we got tired of the delays and so did our customers. It turns out a lot of people just wanted to get the app working on their iPhone or iPad as quickly as possible so they could share it with friends.”

Recoil App Builder now allows its customers to create an app, customize it and install it on their iOS device without even signing up for the website. “We want as many people as possible to try Recoil App Builder without feeling pressured to sign up,” says Upton.