Websites are now essential tools for any business, not just the big shot ones – even a startup won’t be able to thrive in the competitive business world without a virtual face in the cyberspace. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ might offer initial backbone for communication between customers and clients for a business, but in the long run all these endeavors will need a website. And websites need hosting servers, it’s basically a platform where all websites would rest and visitors will be able to access these websites from anywhere in the world.

bluehost wordpress hosting

Bluehost is a very well-known and reputed web hosting service since very long ago, and even in the current days they pull of the success very well. If you are in tight budgets, then division of your investment among your business and your website may become a difficult thing to do but with great deals on coupon codes, you may overcome the costing issues as well.

We have reviewed the Bluehost services and provided tips on how you can make web hosting cost effective with Bluehost web hosting.

Hosting Plans and Packages

Web hosting companies earn their largest shares by renting out shared web hosting servers, then there are dedicated servers, cloud servers, WordPress and VPS hosting etc. Depending on the features the pricing on these plans would greatly vary, at the same time they enable different people to have an orientation with web hosting.

Following are the major plans currently offered by Bluehost –

  • Shared Plans: Bluehost has three shared hosting plans, price ranging from $3.95/month to $14.95/month. The lowest priced plan offers 1 website hosting, the latter two offers unlimited domains. Bandwidth and storage is unlimited on the higher priced plans, 50GB on the basic plan only.
  • Dedicated hosting: A dedicated server offers actual hardware resources for a customer, they are fully customizable and Bluehost offers full-fledged customer support for the dedicated hosting customers. The Standard plan is priced at $74.99/month and the highest priced Premium plan is $124.99/month. However, Enhanced is the most popular Bluehost dedicated plan with a $99.99/month price tag. The computing configuration, storage space and bandwidth mostly vary among these plans.
  • WordPress Hosting: While the server type on the WordPress hosting plans are mostly shared, they come with built-in WordPress CMS installed to offer the best features at the lowest possible hassle on the consumer’s end. There are four plans – blogger, professional, business and enterprise and the pricing ranges between $12.49/month and $85.00/month. Storage space and bandwidth are different across these different plans, and the WordPress hosting plans come with 24/7 dedicated customer support and money-back guarantee.
  • VPS Hosting: Bluehost offers four different packages for the VPS hosting plans, and their pricing starts at $29.99/month. The features are pretty much like dedicated server, yet there are many restriction to keep the cost limited. The highest configuration VPS Hosting plan is priced at $119.99/month. The plans are named standard, enhanced, premium and ultimate. Although under a current promotion, you may avail these plans at only $14.99, $29.99, $44.99 and $59.99 per month respectively.

Discount Coupons at Affiliates

Apart from the official discounts by Bluehost themselves, there would be Bluehost coupons  available at the affiliate web outlets. For example, an online web hosting service retailer might offer a coupon code on their website which might offer a straight 50% condition-less discount. By looking for these, you could make your Bluehost web hosting very cost effective. Alternately, you could wait for festive seasons where pretty much all online businesses have their lowest prices, including Bluehost.


Looking out for the best offers while you are buying a web hosting server would certainly get you the best rates. If you opt for Bluehost, chances are you would get the best rates in town pretty much anytime you sign up.