The Canadian manufacturing company BlackBerry has announced that the update of BlackBerry 10.1 OS is rolling out to Z10 owners. The CEO of the company, Thorsten Heins announced it in this week. Everyone was waiting for this announcement and at last, the announcement came in the live annual conference on May 14, 2013. They also introduced a new Smartphone of their Q series and shared their detailed plans about BBM to Android operating system.

BlackBerry Announces the Update of BlackBerry 10.1 OS to BB Z10 Owners

The update is available for the users of the BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone. BlackBerry has also announced the features of the new update. The Main features are:
• Instant Action
• BlackBerry Hub
• Pin to Pin dialing
• Keyboard Shortcuts
• Notifications Customizing
• Proper Cursor Controll
• Landscape Orientation
• Call with a Click

The details of this feature are given here according to the announcements of the company.

Manage Conversions with BlackBerry Hub: You will be able to manage all your notifications and massages in one place using the blackberry Hub. It will keep your phone completely organized, and you can control it very easily. It also supports the Pin to Pin massage service, you can make direct communication with other BlackBerry Smartphones via this service.
• Personalize the Notifications on Your Phone: You can get personalized notifications with the BlackBerry 10.1. It personalizes every notifications of the contacts on your phone and you can have a quick access to that. It will also help you to manage the ring tones, vibrations and other features.
• Call at a Click: With the BlackBerry 10.1, you will be able to click on a phone number from your emails or massages and save it on your device.
• Better Imaging: BlackBerry 10.1 comes with an HDR (high dynamic range) technology, it helps to images in low-light conditions. You will be able take multiple pictures with this technology, and the picture quality would be really great. It can capture standard images even in the tricky lighting condition.
• Proper Cursor Control: BlackBerry 10.1 will help you to control the cursor in an easier way, you just have to tap once for an accurate place selecting. It also helps to move the cursor with better speed and precision.
• Misc Software: You will get many other softwares like the calendar, the improved picture editor, international dialing and so on.

You will be able get the BlackBerry 10.1 by the end of May, 2013 and discover more items with this update.