No one knows the importance of stunning landing pages than the email marketers and internet marketers. The key to executing successful lead generation campaign is the highly converting landing page. The internet marketers and email marketers always use the best tools to create landing pages that are appealing. If you are a newbie internet marketer and confused about choosing the best Landing page creation service, then you should check out this post about GetResponse and Landingi.


In this post, we are reviewing the two outstanding landing page creation services, which is helping email and internet marketers to create the great landing pages. You can read the detailed review of each and every feature which you can access for these services.

Features of GetResponse and Landingi


The GetResponse have more than hundred built-in templates for creating stunning landing pages. These templates are said to be highly converting for any campaign.

getresponse landing page templates

The Landingi also has almost 100 landing page templates available for users.

Landingi landing page templates

Both companies provide Drag-n-drop editor for creating full squeeze/landing pages. Users can load a template, use the Drag-n-drop editor and rearrange the items to modify the template as they need. Both companies, i.e., GetResponse and Landingi have this same feature.


The Landingi Supports integration with some popular email marketing services. So, the user can use any other email marketing service to capture the emails from the squeeze pages created with Landingi.

Landingi integration

This feature is not available with GetResponse because it is itself an Email marketing service provider. So, you don’t have to integrate with any third-party email marketing service to capture emails. You can capture email leads by adding GetResponse form while editing the template.

GetResponse integration


Checking the statistics of any marketing campaign is critical. In Landingi, the users get the essential analytics information about any campaign. A user can analyze the traffic and conversion rate of any campaign.

Landingi dashboard

On GetResponse, a user can use the inbuilt Deep analytics feature to keep track of his campaign. Also, there is an option to integrate with third party analytics services, like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Kissmetrics and BingAds.

GetResponse dashboard


This is the important factor in choosing any landing page creation service. The Landingi has three types of plans included. The first plan is a FREE plan. In the free plan, you can create one landing page, and it can be shown to 100 visitors only. The second plan from landing is $19 per month, in which you get five landing pages, and they are limited by 500 visitors capacity.


The third and last plan from Landingi is of $29 per month. In this plan, you get to create unlimited landing pages. But, all those landing pages are limited to get 5,000 visitors per month only.


The Getresponse is an Email Marketing service provider too. So, they offer their landing page creation service bundled with email marketing service. That’s why, they have different plans, based on some subscriptions you can handle. Here are the details of GetResponse plan.

Up to 1,000 subscribers: $15 (‘Email Plan’) / $49 (‘Pro Plan’) / $165 (‘Max Plan’).

  • 1,001 to 2,500 subscribers: $25 / $49 / $165
  • 2,501 to 5,000 subscribers: $45 / $49 / $165
  • 5,001 to 10,000 subscribers: $65 / $75 / $ 165
  • 10,001 to 25,000 subscribers: $145 / $165 / $255
  • 25,001 to 50,000 subscribers: $250 / $280 / $370
  • 50,001 to 100,000 subscribers: $450 / $490 / $580


Choosing from these two options is the very tough decision. The Getresponse and Landingi have many features in common. They have A/B Testing, Stunning templates library, etc. But, if you check out the pricing of both services, then the Getresponse wins the race. As GetResponse is an Email marketing company, you get Landing page creation service bundled with the main package. In Landingi, you don’t get an email marketing service. If you subscribe to Landingi, then you have to integrate any other third party plan to capture email leads. No such issues arise with Getresponse.

That’s why, if you are looking for efficient and budget friendly landing page creation service, then without any doubt, you should subscribe to GetResponse for your business.