You think you are the real computer expert and wanted to fix friends computer sitting from your home? Or may be the professional who required to troubleshoot clients computer remotely? In any case you are at right place as today we are going to have review of  Techinline – Remote Access Software.

Many computer experts may aware of remote desktop sharing software Teamviewer, Techinline is quite same but more useful remote access software that allows user to create  instant, secure web connections between remote computers over the internet. Unlike Teamviewer Techinline allows user to share folders, chat with remote computer etc.

[box_info]How Techinline Remote Desktop works?[/box_info]

To share or control remote computer over the web you just have to open from your computer’s browser and get your client ID. After obtaining this client ID you can connect your computer to any other remote computer over web. The process is very easy and you just you have to share your client ID with other or enter client ID of your friend.

[box_info]Key features of Techinline Remote Desktop [/box_info]

The unique feature of this application is it is browser-based application unlike heavy memory consuming software. It is Windows 7 compatible. Techinline remote desktop also allows to chat with remote computer and send files or whole folder.

You can download fully featured 15 days trial version of this application afterward you can purchase with different plans mentioned below.

To download trial, visit the URL below: