As the world of technology becomes increasingly hand-held, it is no surprise that you can play top quality games direct from your mobile. Instead of sitting next to your PC in order to play, you can be on the bus or waiting for a meeting and be having just as much fun as you would be at home. In this article we will see few must try mobile games.

best mm gg

Here are some of the best free mobile options to look out for.

  • Dead Trigger 2

A simple shoot to win game. However, the graphics and visuals are extremely impressive, providing a real sense of escapism. Your task is to shoot the zombies in order to avoid destruction, while collecting currency along the way to help in your mission.

  • Brave Wolf Hunter

This is certainly not one for the animal lovers out there! This is pretty much another ‘shoot em up’ game where the target is a pack of vicious wolves. The animation is rather gory at times, but there is a very good combination of action and gameplay.

  • Asphalt 8: Airborne

Perhaps the ultimate in crazy hand-held racing action. This is a fantasy ride with fast and furious action, taking players on all types of adventures. Features include tagging other racers and avoiding deadly viruses. Play on your own or enjoy the multiplayer version.

  • Retro Future Racing

This is a great combination of past motor glory and futuristic fiction. Basically, just take control of a classic car of your choice and watch it hover in the air as it you race it through the competition. There are plenty of car models to choose from, strong colours in abundance and plenty of fun to be had.

  • Dungeon Hunter 4

An excellent role-play action game. Your goal is to fight, slash and maul your way past as many fearsome opponents as possible while gathering treasures at the same time in order to get to the next level. Watch out for superb graphics, especially during battle scenes.

  • Gladiator

Another impressive role-play action production. However, this one is combined with the excitement of casino games. You will be transported back into the world of Ridley Scott’s Hollywood blockbuster movie. Spin the slots reels and complete various tasks with genuine movie images and soundtrack for company. There is also a massive cash prize at stake. If you want to play more casino games, casino has set an example of being a great internet entertainment provider. They has some pretty sweet deals regarding poker games and betting games. Check it out to see for yourself

  • Marble Kingdom

Looking for something a little more serene? Well, this is a relaxed puzzle game which will keep you on your toes. You must simply shoot three or more bubbles which match the same colour. Look out for the secret maps too. It’s fast-paced and plenty of fun.

  • Dots

Another casual puzzle game. Just match as many coloured dots as possible. Sounds simple enough? Except that in Dots, you are racing against the clock. This is a well-designed game and pretty addictive too. Play by yourself or compete in multiplayer mode.

  • 94 Degrees

If trivial is your thing, then this is a must-download game. Of course, the aim is to answer as many questions correctly as possible. With 94 Degrees though, you must answer them as quickly as possible too. Plenty of different categories which are guaranteed to keep a wide variety of players busy.

Hope you liked the games we suggested. Feel free to comment more if you know more.