Slotomania, DoubleDown Casino, Zynga Casino, MyVegas – these are all great games to play. You can use them on your smartphone, and play them through Facebook if you’d like to. But there are players who have some issues with these otherwise great apps. Which makes them a great no-no for them from the first moment.

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What do you have against social casinos?

Fist, there is their inherent hypocrisy, as some refer to their business model. Although these games are advertised as being free – which, basically, is true, as they don’t charge for downloading and playing – they are not: they generate consistent revenues for their publishers from ads and in-app purchases. Just take a look at how, when you run out of credits, you are offered a chance to top up your account for a symbolic amount. While this might not sound like a lot, it adds up to a consistent income. This March, for example, DoubleDown Casino generated a whopping $300,000 in revenues for its publisher. Each day. In the US only. On the iPhone only. See Statista’s report for details.

Second, there’s the eternal issue of game variety. No matter which one of these you might choose, you’ll only have a limited access to a limited set of games. Limited access, because you’ll have to gather experience points to unlock further games. And even if you reach a high level, the number of games you can play is far less than possible.

Is there an alternative?

What alternative is there to these services, you might ask. Well, I’ve found one that’s really free, that has a much larger variety of games, and it’s as cross-platform as possible today: the All Slots Casino, which takes care of all your slot machine needs – and some on top of it. Visit and play at All Slots Canada

The All Slots Casino Canada is a real money gaming destination – but don’t let this turn you away if you want to play free. Because it also has a game mode that offers its players the possibility to access its complete list of games free of charge. All Slots players can log on using their existing credentials in “practice mode”, and play for as long as they want, with whichever games they want, free of charge. And if you want some of this free gaming experience, too, you can easily get hold of it: simply head over to the All Slots Canada Casino homepage, register an account, and start playing – no matter if you’re using a smartphone or a desktop PC.

Whenever you run out of free credits, you don’t need to buy them – you can simply head over to the Cashier, and ask for more. And you’ll get them, no questions asked.

Why is it free?

As you might expect, it’s all about marketing. If you enjoy playing their games, you might one day turn into a paying customer – and that’s enough for the All Slots Casino to offer you high-quality service for free. Because, if you really enjoy their games, and want to give them a try for real, you might end up winning some cash while playing them – and maybe even a millionaire. But that’s a story for another day.