Email is, without question, the most utilised form of communication within and between organizations. Email has replaced the telephone as the main means of contact for businesses. With this change, however, the issue of managing all of this data has become a very real concern for businesses.

email managementSwitching to an email management system, in the form of a secure email gateway, could be the solution for those business owners and operators looking to regain a little control over the way they communicate.


More data once meant more complexity. Or at least that was the case until cloud-based email management systems came into being. With unified email management, companies are no longer forced to use a multiple third-party system, which means that the entire process of managing an organization’s email has become far more simplistic and streamlined, leaving companies solely with a lean, high performance Exchange server, which is infinitely more manageable. A Unified email management system enable email security, archiving and continuity to all be managed from one single platform. Mimecast is a popular solution in the market for this.


With the unnecessary layers of email management complexity removed, email security is, of course, one of the most important issues facing an organization of any size.

While third party email systems are inherently vulnerable, from a security standpoint, a, cloud-based email management system provides significantly higher levels of safety, ensuring that the risk of data loss is reduced to astonishingly low levels, while users and the network are protected from spam, email viruses and other external security threats.


While a cloud-based unified email management system may offer a simpler and more secure service to businesses, the reality is that the system must perform reliably, otherwise all of the other benefits are somewhat negated.

Switching to a unified email management system offers businesses the ability to archive all of their old email and this data is then organized in a search-friendly manner, improving the reliability of a company’s data storage and email system significantly. The most reliable unified email management systems for enterprise offer perpetual archiving capacity, meaning that your employees never have to worry about reaching their inbox capacity again.

In addition to high storage levels and improved email archiving, a unified email management system also ensures the integrity of email receipts and deliveries, as well as offering tracking facilities.


From a purely financial perspective, using a unified email management system also offers businesses the opportunity to make significant cost savings, both directly and indirectly.

Switching to a cloud-based unified email management system makes data storage inherently cheaper, with there no longer being a need for storing costly servers on-site. Furthermore, from an indirect perspective, the system also frees up physical space in your office, owing to there no longer being a need to house servers, which allows your business to improve its return per square foot, by employing talented people that will ultimately help to drive your business forward, without the need for investing in new premises.

While many business owners remain oblivious to the benefits of deploying a cloud-based, unified email management system, those enlightened few who truly understand the associated performance and cost benefits of using such a service are reaping the rewards. If you’re a truly savvy businessperson, therefore, it’s time to embrace the future – now.