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Apple Updates, Are you still Fascinated?

Within the span of seven months, Apple has made it possible to make iPad 3 look outdated with the launch of iPad 4 and iPad mini. Those who may have just purchased iPad 3 may well be disappointed after discovering that their newly acquired iPad 3, tagged

Comparative Analysis of All the Angry Bird Games Released So Far

All the smartphone gaming enthusiasts across the world know about the mania Angry Birds has created in last couple of years. There have been many versions of the game that Rovio rolled out over past 2 years, and surprisingly every new release has almost outsmarted the older

How To Use Facebook without Internet

Basically you can browse any website using wap/gprs service from your mobile but Now it is possible to get updates, notifications, check friend request of our beloved social networking website Facebook without internet connection.Facebook has started an offline (Facebook without Internet) service in many countries worldwide including Russia, India, United

GIVEAWAY: 1AVCenter, the ultimate audio video center solution 100% FREE of charges

PCWinSoft brings you exciting news: The company is giving out free copies of 1AVCenter, the ultimate video and audio center software. The cost of 1AVCenter is $99.95 but in here you get it for FREE. That is right: Free of charges. 1AVCenter is like a swissknife for

Microsoft offers Office 2013 as an free upgrade to Office 2010

Microsoft continues to attract user’s various proposals aimed at the promotion and popularization of the new operating system Windows 8 and software Office 2013 for it. Microsoft Office 2013 will be officially available in the 1st quarter of 2013. Under the terms of the new shares, those who purchase

Google Nexus 10 details leaked on photo

Officially unannounced Google Nexus 10 details picture appeared on the photo sharing service Picasa. The proof is the EXIF data, which contain the model and manufacturer of the camera. The quality of the picture is poor: You can see that it is made on the fly, as the picture is blurred, there

Expert shows how to remotely hack a pacemaker to murder

Barnaby Jack, a researcher from the company IOActive, demonstrated a way to remotely hack a pacemaker implanted to kill the patient. At the last conference in Melbourne, Barnaby Jack said that the vulnerability in the software enables the medical staff to get control of it, and send a

Ainol Novo 10 Hero and Ainol Novo 10 Hero 2 Upcoming Tablets From Ainol

After the announcement of upcoming tablet Ainol Novo Legend 9.7, the chinese company Ainol famous for its cheap and quality product will add two new android tablet called Ainol Novo 10 Hero and AINOL NOVO 10 HERO 2 in NOVO series in 10 inch tablet category. The company’s portfolio now

Opera Mobile 12.1 outs for Android

Opera Software announced the release of a new version of the browser, Opera Mobile 12.1 for the tablet and Smartphones running Android .According to the developers, Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android works in the same stable, regardless of the chipset, which is the core of the device (v5, v7,

9.7-Inch Ainol NOVO LEGEND Quad Core Tablet costs $240

For most users, the name Ainol associated with budget tablets running on Android OS and comparatively very good hardware configuration, which have good value specifications/price. Until recently, the manufacturer satisfies the needs of the limited consumer audience, with the range of only 7-inch tablets. Judging by the information appeared in