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Real Football 2012 – Nice and Fancy Game from Gameloft for Android

Real Football 2012 is new game recently launched by Gameloft for Android and it will be available free of cost in Android market.Its is a new version of the soccer simulator Real Football 2012. The truth turned out not quite game in the classic sense: a fair

Get Best Selling Amazon Kindle From Tesco

These days, technology has changed our lifestyle to a great extent. We like to prefer Smartphone communication over telephone interaction. When it comes to getting a news update of the world then we again have two options; one is newspaper and second is Amazon Kindle. No doubt,

Kaspersky Parental Control – application for the protection of Android devices

Recently, more and more smartphone users exposed to viral infection of mobile devices. It makes it possible for these “Kaspersky Lab” has launched in beta-test-Kaspersky Parental Control for Android devices. The novelty is primarily intended to protect children from inappropriate content. Kaspersky Parental Control lets you restrict access to

Fujitsu Arrows – first look at the “Japanese miracle”

Fujitsu at MWC 2012 presents Fujitsu Arrows phone which works on a quad processor, NVidia Tegra 3 running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich . However, due to the fact that this test sample, the system has not adapted. It seems that the Japanese manufacturer decided to make the most feature-rich smartphone on the

MWC 2012: Opera Released a Test Version Of Mobile Browser Opera Mini 7 Next

At the MWC 2012 opera software introduced not only Opera Mobile 12, but the next version of Opera Mini. New under the “intriguing” name 7 Next Opera Mini is a test version of the mobile browser. As the developers, by analogy with the development of a desktop version of the browser,

Asus Padfone Three In One : Laptop, Phone, Tablet

On the Internet a long time there were rumors about another unusual device from Asus , they later confirmed. And here at the MWC 2012 the mysterious Asus padfone fell into our hands. The device combines the functionality of three form factors: a smartphone, tablet and netbook. The main link Asus padfone an Android smartphone with a

Rovio Announced New Game Angry Birds Space

Rovio company announced a new game from the series Angry Birds, which is due out on March 22, company officials said on Friday in his Twitter-blog. The new game will be called Angry Birds Space. According to developers, it will be a completely new game with new