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Intel x86 Supported Android Game Coding

Smartphones especially Android Smartphones have become synonymous with Intel. It is not common to find a recently released Android without an Intel. This is Android’s way of competing with the new Engine that is distributed in the new iOS mobile devices. Due to this upgrade in the

Build Your Own Personal App For iPhone With Recoil App Builder

Your favorite radio station has an iPhone app. Your favorite magazine has an iPhone app. Even your grocery store has an iPhone app. And soon all your friends will all have one, too. The age of the personal iPhone app is here – and building your own

Top 21 predictions about Google for 2013

In addition to the annual review, it is actually already in our tradition that at the end of the year to set up more or less serious predictions about Google for the next year. Today, here I am going to present the Top 21 predictions about Google for 2013.

How to create a ringtone for iPhone, Android and other phones

Many people want to set a unique ringtone to their iPhone, Android and other phones, but it is not possible until you create any custom ringtone which can make your ringtone truly unique. So now your question will be “How to create a ringtone for iPhone, Android and

How To Turn Off Facebook Graph Search

Facebook recently introduced Facebook Graph Search that allow user to search for photos, Places, things involving their friends and their activities. After activating the new Facebook Graph search feature, old search bar in the left top of homepage get replaced by the new graph search and notification bar get

How to transfer iTunes library to another drive

Sometimes you need to transfer iTunes library to another drive. For example, if your new computer is having a 128 GB SSD, and the old computer has a terabyte hard drive and 100 GB of music.               Here I am going to

The 10 most expensive domain names in 2012

How much money do you spend to buy a domain? For example, prices of «.com» domains vary from $10 to $15. But, it is “penny” in comparison with, for how much to sell some domain names. I offer you a list of the 10 most expensive domain names in 2012 deals. I

CES 2013 Preview: These products may come

CES 2013 to be held at the beginning of January at the Las Vegas which is one of the largest and most important trade fair for electronics of the year. Between the 08th and 11 January here are many kinds of manufacturers present new products. We’ve summarized here

iTunes 25 useful shortcuts at a glance

Apple’s iTunes can not only be used with a mouse, but convenient to use with a variety of keyboard shortcuts. It can be used by just a few clicks, for example, the classic view, including the sidebar for quick overview and the status bar to return again.Our

Scientist developed a method for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s

Scientists at the Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT ( VTT Technical Research Centre ) have developed a new software that can really help in the early diagnosis of the disease Alzheimer’s. PredictAD software compares the data on patients with a database of other patients, and then renders