Visiting a new city could be very confusing at times. Especially if you show up somewhere where people don’t speak the languages that you do, then you are almost screwed. Or maybe a city on your own state you have never been before and want to visit the places with a handy guide but not a company; also not willing to buy a guide book sort of thing as well. What do you do?


Be the new smart with AskMe app. This app could be your ultimate guide to any city. Just make a few taps on the screen and find out everything you require. Maybe a food shop where you can feast your appetite, or gift shop where you can buy some local goodies as souvenir for your beloved ones, or just an address of some special place you need to visit. If it is listed, AskMe will guide you through the directions and formalities if any.

Is it a trustworthy app?

Definitely! If you have seen the app screenshot on Google Play (or here), you saw that Ranbir Kapoor is endorsing this app. And that happens only when an app is actually worth of downloading. There are plenty of blessing of showers on Twitter for this app as well, you might have a look on AlokNath’s Twitter feed by yourself. This app doesn’t steal any personal data off your phone or trade them for money.


Find any place or anything you want

AskMe kind of replaces Yellow Books from the past. The difference is, it’s all digitized and a few taps away now. Information regarding a location like the address, contact numbers, reviews on it, opening and closing time, products or services that place provides, photo gallery, currently or recently offered deals and the list goes on forever. In brief, you are going to get anything and everything you need to know.

Conduct a Search

There are different options for searching up a business. Automatic search option could do your job but doing a manual search seems to work better. When the user writes something down looking for a place the app goes through listings, ads, classified ads, discounts and offers – everything it can find in its reach. Combining them together the result is made. Only the relevant results are shown and app tracks down your location using the GPS module to come up with local answers only. If you are located in Mumbai and the app shows results from Calcutta then people wouldn’t give a second thought before uninstalling it.

Be Sociable, Share your Opinion!

Just don’t search a business or directory remain silent about it. AskMe offers the feature to leave reviews on a place and share them over the social networking sites so that more people get to know about them. Would it not be very useful to people who have never been to those places?

App Specifications

The app is a tiny app sized only 2.40 MB. AskMe runs of every kind of connection but works better on faster 3G or Wi-Fi connections. The app is interactive but some work on this side would be appreciated. Everything else about AskMe is just fine.

You can download this great App from google store from this following link


Never feel lost on a new city ever again. When AskMe app is installed on your phone, you could just relax and let the app do its job. The app is very popular among its users and rated 4.1 on Google Play Store and you might want to give it a try!