Well you might be thinking that Quad Core processors are the future of Smartphones or Tablets but you were wrong because very soon we will see the devices based on 8-core processor i.e. Octa-Core processor.

By the end of the year World’s leading chip manufacturer Qualcomm plans to launch new processors in the family of Mali GPUs – T685 chip with Eight Cores on board, along with T604 chip with Quad cores. In addition, T624, T628 and T678 chips with four cores with the ability to increase capacity up to 8 cores, allowing a look into the future of mobile graphics.These cores are manufactured by British company ARM.

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“People expect higher standards of visual computing on their Smartphones, tablets and smart-TVs with seamless access to their digital world and personal content,” said Pete Hutton, General Manager, Media Processing Division, ARM. “GPU computes enables this as it increases the range of functions mobile devices can perform within the available battery life. ARM continues to focus on system-wide optimization by integrating market leading CPU and GPU technologies to drive both high performance and energy-efficiency.”

“The newly announced Mali-T600 series is essential for graphic performance improvement, and also for the future strategy of GPU Computing,”said Mr. Mitsugu Naito, Executive Vice President, IP and Technology Development Unit, Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited. “Through our Subscription License with ARM for ARM IP products, we are able to share our product roadmap and deliver ARM based platform SoC promptly to our customers. The new Mali-T600 series will be added to our SoC development platform portfolio and we plan to adopt the Mali-T600 series into our products as a key IP solution to enable improved GPU computing.”

“Increasingly, consumers are demanding similar performance across their connected devices to access their personal information and content. This improved user experience is demanded across a range of devices, including Smartphones, tablets and smart-TVs,” said Andrew Chang, Vice President, MediaTek. “MediaTek is working closely with ARM to ensure that we provide high-performance, energy-efficient solutions that address these demands. The second generation the ARM Mali-T600 GPU will allow us to address these markets through technology leadership in graphics and GPU compute.”

“Innovation happening in smart connected devices is not only in the computing area but also in the graphic area where Smartphone and tablet manufacturers are seeking differentiation for their products. This relies on leading edge and innovative technologies from SOC vendors like Nufront,” said Rock Yang, VP Marketing, Nufront. ”Nufront is focusing on mobile computing and communication SoC design, leveraging advanced technologies from ARM. Using advanced technologies, such as Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression featured in the second generation of Mali-T600 GPUs, we can address the demands of the market and provide significant benefits to device manufacturers.”

“The performance and battery life requirements for Smartphones, tablets, smart-TVs and other smart, connected devices are such that whilst a single energy-efficient architecture is suitable, GPU variants to address these markets are highly desirable,” said Mr. Chen Feng, Chief Marketing Officer, Rockchip. “We are pleased to extend our relationship with ARM and look forward to the advanced Rockchip solutions that will be enabled by the range of second generation Mali-T600 GPUs from ARM.”

“An advanced visual computing experience is an expectation that most consumers have when they purchase a new Smartphone, tablet or smart-TV,” said Taehoon Kim, Vice President of System LSI marketing team, Samsung Electronics’ Device Solutions. “It is therefore important that Samsung works with partners, such as ARM, to achieve technology leadership in areas that include advanced graphics and GPU compute. The next generation of the ARM Mali-T600 series GPU is an important introduction, and will help Samsung Exynos processors to address consumer demands.”

Mali T600 GPU

The main feature of this “trio” – two times better performance without increasing power consumption , which guarantees the quality of console games, as well as user interface with a frequency of 60 frames per second on Smartphones, tablets and Smart TV.  T678 is designed specifically for the Tablet PC and its power is four times higher compared to the T624.


Another innovation – is to support the new codec, developed by ARM, which should greatly simplify developers’ lives by ending the fragmentation of standards. The fact that the new codec will support all kinds of textures, color standards and different data rates.

What do you think, Does Smartphone really needs 8-core processor? The four, two and sometimes even a single core of Smartphones is quite capable to do their work. Besides, who needs Supergraphics for games on a 4-inch screen?