Within the span of seven months, Apple has made it possible to make iPad 3 look outdated with the launch of iPad 4 and iPad mini. Those who may have just purchased iPad 3 may well be disappointed after discovering that their newly acquired iPad 3, tagged as the new iPad, suddenly look decrepit.

Apple Updates

Apple, being tech giant, always make it a point to be the leader of innovation and revolution. From computers down to tablet, they always set records with their state of the art technology that they were able to squeeze in minute devices.

However, Apple’s lucky streak to win the mass with their innovation may have gone to grave with its progenitor, Steve Jobs. Apple released their devices in dates with closed intervals leaving the public to sell used Apple products to give way to the new product.

While there are those who are eager to take hold of these devices first hand, a considerable number seem to grow tired of Apple’s updates on its gadgets. Now, days after the release of iPod Touch, lo and behold the launch of iPad 4 and iPad mini that seemed to mock iPad 3 owners straight in their face. It’s like having owned the newest gadget yesterday and became obsolete today.  Apple’s crazy updates on their device left their supporters gasping for breath. Just what is in store with these iPads? Are they really better compared to their predecessors and rivals? Let us scrutinize.

iPad 4, the better brother of iPad 3?

Nah. This does not hold true. External features in iPad 4 are not changed keeping the same dimension and display. iPad 4 front camera is slightly improved with 1.3 MP compared with iPad 3’s 0.3 MP. The only thing that makes it better is its processor, which is faster in its dual core A6X compared to iPad 3’s A5X. Apple claimed faster enhanced graphics, gaming experience and faster app launch. The 30-dock pin in iPad 3 is gone to be replaced for the Lightning Connector. Other than that, battery hours, RAM, Connectivity and selling price remain the same for the two.

iPad’s Alternatives :

Some staunch Apple users have been appalled and annoyed over the released of iPad 4 as they expected the update next year. Suddenly, iPad 3 was labeled as the “old new iPad”. With the steep price at $499, many are now considering buying tablets with Apple’s competitors as Amazon and Google are selling tablets at price almost half with that of iPad 4. Although they do not have the same excellence as iPad 4, these alternatives serve the basic purpose of a tablet.

Where do iPad 3 users stand?

Apple was a bit considerate with their consumers, as one of its stores accepts a newly bought iPad 3 no longer than 30 days in exchange with iPad 4. As such, the items are subject to damage inspection.

Albeit Apple’s crazy updates with its gadgets, the decision to avail their products still lie in the hands of the consumers. After all, Apple did not point a shotgun in the consumers’ head just to buy their products. It’s up to those avid fans who wanted to be one of the firsts to own the freshest gadgets Apple has to offer. Never mind if they cannot distinguished the devices from one another.


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