ABBYY Software announces the release of a beta version of an online application ABBYY FineReader Touch for Microsoft ® Windows 8. The program is integrated with ABBYY FineReader Online service allows you to transfer images and documents into editable electronic format with a search (for example, Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.).

ABBYY FineReader 11

At the moment, online application ABBYY FineReader Touch available in the Application Store, Windows Store and its available only in English interface. At the time of the release of the operating system Microsoft ® Windows 8, ABBYY program was accessible on mobile and desktop devices. Recognized documents will be convenient to store as an online document storage service (Dropbox ®, Evernote, Google Docs ™ and SkyDrive), and on the local computer or a Smartphone.

ABBYY FineReader Touch – this is the first Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology based – application in Windows Store. It will be useful to those users who have a recurring need for the recognition of documents: students in preparing diplomas and coursework or users who need to digitize paper, document, or a fragment from the book store business documents in a convenient for searching digital format.

You can download the application for free and flexible tariff system allows you to pay only for the actual number of pages processed. In this case, as a bonus for each registered user is free to recognize 10 pages.

“Creating an application, ABBYY Software has focused on simplicity and usability, so gave ABBYY FineReader Touch key advantages of cloud service. All the complex processes taking place in the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform. With the help of Microsoft Office Communicator, Microsoft ® Windows 8 users of any device with the new Windows interface can personally test the capabilities of the application, “- says Sergey Popov, director of products for image recognition of ABBYY.

Since the end of 2011, the new version of the popular development tools, ABBYY starts support for Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform. This will open to software companies and their customers, new business opportunities, increase productivity and return on investment. In the Summer of 2012 ABBYY Software have launched a cloud service ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK. The service provides access to advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and barcode labels through Web API.


ABBYY FineReader Touch is available free  to try, click here to download.