Recently, a very hot news has been released for the Smartphone lovers. It is a rumour about the next project of Apple, the rumour says that Apple is going to announce iPhone 5S, which is the latest model of their iPhone series on June 20. Well, this is a real good news for those who are crazy for iPhone series.

A Rumour Has Spread That iPhone 5S is Likely to be Announced on June 20

We all know that, Apple is a very famous brand for Smartphones and Laptops, it is also known as a tech giant. They always try to do something new and exciting, and have an intention to surprise their customers. In the past, they surprised their customers by releasing iPad 4 just after eight months of the release of its predecessor iPad3. So, if you are thinking that iPhone 4S was released recently, there will be no more iPhone in this year, then Apple may make you wrong.

This news was first published in a French publication, it is and they said that they had gotten an access to Japanese mobile publication, KDDI where they a found a document. The French publication also claims that there is a mention about Apple’s next iPhone on that document. There were more specific information about this Smartphone.

According to the rumour, Apple iPhone 5S will run on iOS 7, which is the latest iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system. It is very much predicted Apple will introduce some special and unique features to compete with other Smartphone series like Samsung Galaxy, HTC One and Sony Xperia. Online analysts also predicted that it might have a flat design like Metro Design Language of Microsoft.

Some other rumours about this Smartphones are- the iPhone 5S will with a holographic display, upgraded camera functions and laser keyboard. It is pretty sure that Apple will use a faster processor with heavy battery.

Apple is expected to release iPhone 5S in the middle of this year, the rumoured date is 20th June and the price of this device will stay between 300 to 350 USD.